Chef in the Palm of Your Hand: 20 Facts About the Legendary Gordon Ramsay

Gordon James Ramsay is a famous British chef and TV host. You probably know him from shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Nightmares in the Kitchen, or America’s Best Chef. It was with his programs that the boom in culinary TV programs began.

But what do we know about Ramsay, besides the fact that he cooks well and perfectly scolds the participants in his shows? We offer together with us to discover the unexplored sides of the flash chef through 20 non-trivial facts.

Fact # 1: Football chef

Cooking isn’t Ramsay’s only passion. At the age of 14, he played actively for the Warwickshire County team. But the football player’s career was ruined by an injury, about which he later said: “Perhaps everything that connects me to football is cursed.”

In 1984, Gordon sued a football club, for which he played as a teenager. It was there that he seriously injured his knee joint. Ramsay is now a fan of Chelsea.

Fact # 2: Daddy’s daughter

Matilda Ramsay, Gordon’s daughter, followed in her father’s footsteps and created her own culinary show called Matilda Ramsay’s Family on CBBC. It documents family fun and Matilda’s preparation of themed dinners.

Fact # 3: The main thing is not to look

Gordon doesn’t watch his own shows. During an interview with Playboy magazine, he said: “I don’t want to get hung up on myself, put on makeup and follow my gait.”

Fact # 4: Star Families

The Ramsay family loves to hang out with another popular British family – the Beckhams. They travel together and raise children.

Fact # 5: A recognized master

Ramzi is officially inducted into the culinary hall of fame.

Fact # 6: Meat is the head


Ramsay’s signature dish, Wellington beef, is also a chef’s favorite. He orders it at any restaurant if it has a menu.

Fact # 7: There is a rat!

Gordon calls his favorite Disney cartoon “Ratatouille”. No wonder!

Fact # 8: French style

Ramsay speaks fluent French: how to be a chef, Gordon was taught by the best chefs in France, for which he learned the language.

Fact # 9: Harsh trainer

Ramzi has a very specific teaching method: he blindfolds his students and makes them taste the food they have just prepared. He believes that the lack of sight improves the sense of smell and taste. And the lack of punishment impairs culinary skills.

Fact # 10: For Hillary

Gordon Ramsay named a celebrity he would like to cook for. She turned out to be … Hillary Clinton! In an interview for Bon Appetit magazine, the chef admitted that he would have cooked something like ribs with wine sauce for Hillary – the politician appreciates good food

Fact # 11: The Writer Chef

The chief has written at least 25 books, starting this business in 1996.

Fact # 12: Men cry too

Gordon believes in the importance of expressing your emotions. When he sees the tears of the show participants, he pays no attention to them: “I think that crying is important. Not crying, not showing this emotion, and holding it back is dangerous. “

Fact # 13: Fish or chicken?

Ramsay would never, ever eat on board. “I’ve worked for an airline for 10 years, so I know where this food went and how long it took before it got on board.”

Fact # 14: Healthy snacking

The English chef loves to snack on baked beans.

Fact # 15: Sharp tongue – only at work

Ramsay is known for his temper, as well as his love of profanity. The cook has a hard time in his own home: his wife has a very negative attitude to swear words and forbids saying them in front of children. We have to get out and come up with an alternative.

Fact # 16: For a healthy lifestyle

Gordon is obsessed with sports. He has run more than 10 marathons, three ultra-marathons, and three triathlons. By the way, Ramsay has a black belt in karate and a great passion for boxing.

Fact # 17: A clear mind

Despite his bad-boy image, Ramsay never tried drugs. But dependencies did not pass him by. Gordon’s brother is a heroin addict. Therefore, the chef periodically checks his restaurants for the presence of prohibited substances and has a very negative attitude towards their use.

Fact # 18: Not a foot in the hospital!

The legendary presenter was not present at any of his wife’s births, for which he received a lot of criticism. “It’s like sending vegans to the kitchen where the meat is twisted,” Gordon comments.

Fact # 19: Scarface

Ramsay has deep scars on his chin. Many fans believed that they appeared due to some kind of accident in the kitchen, but later it turned out that the furrows were congenital. At one point, Gordon decided to get rid of them and began to constantly inject Botox into his chin.

Fact # 20: Don’t give up

Surprisingly, Ramsay did not go to a top culinary school after failing the written part of the exam. This failure did not stop young Gordon. And thank God!