The 5 Best E-Juice Flavors to Pair with Drinks 

People prefer different drinks for various reasons, such as staying relaxed, keeping warm, or enjoying the feeling. Having additional flavor to accompany your drink can be refreshing, improving the benefits and feelings you get from your drink. 

Selecting the best vape juice can be difficult, and you should take your time to understand the flavors and the VG: PG ratio. Some drinks will be suitable with more PG content, while others will be suitable with more VG content. Here are some of the best vape juices to accompany your drink.  


Portrait of a young bearded man exhaling smoke from an electronic cigarette holding a glass of beer close up


Jam Monster Grape e-juice 

Sometimes you need a perfect vape to accompany your wine, and there is no other juice to accompany your red wine other than Grape Jam e-juice. The Grape Jam is one of the best products from Jam monster. The main ingredient in red wine is grapes; why not have some more grapes to enhance the experience?  Made from organic grapes with no additional chemicals, this e-juice is sweet and has hints of tartness. 

The flavor is boosted further by the VG: PG ratio of 75:25, meaning you get to have sweet and smooth hits. This is the perfect feeling you need to accompany your red wine. The e-juice produces huge amounts of vapor to accompany your sipping and show how cool you are, especially in a crowd or at a party. 


Apple ice e-juice 

Whether red or green, apples are good for boosting energy levels in the body. The crunchiness makes you feel relaxed and calm. As you ingest the sweet chunks, you get new psychological and physical energy. The Apple ice e-juice by Candy King is best for accompanying energy drinks because sometimes you might feel like an energy boost. With this combination, you get to enjoy the apple flavor and some nicotine elements accompanying it.  

The juice is made from fresh apples and menthol and will provide moderate soft, and powerful throat hits to accompany the calm and relaxing vibes generated by the energy drinks. Furthermore, you can get the best vape juice online. The combination also makes it favorable for hot summer days when you need icy and extremely cool flavors. Vapers who love nicotine hits to accompany their energy drink will love this e-juice. 


Juice Head Peach Pear E-liquid 

Peach pear belongs to the family of Juice head e-liquid collection and is one of the most preferred e-juices in the family. Those who love beer prefer this juice because it is manufactured from peaches and pears. The combination is outstanding, and lovers confess they can have it all day long. It is suitable for beers due to the higher concentration of nicotine salts to generate powerful throat hits.  

The combination of beer, peach, and pears is one of the most memorable tastes to take away the day’s stress, unwind and feel relaxed. If you are not comfortable with the powerful throat hits, you can also get this e-juice with a lower nicotine concentration to accompany your beer. It is perfect for sub-0hms vaping to get the thick vapor and smooth hits, especially if you are an amateur in vaping. 


A guy and a girl are sitting with a beer in their hands and an electronic cigarette. They rest in vapeshop.

Blueberry Jam Cookie E-Liquid 

Coffee can be refreshing and a good way to begin your day. It is also the perfect drink to warm you during the cold evenings and the harsh winters. Coffee is an essential part of the day, but a combination of the coffee and Blueberry Jam Cookie E-Liquid takes the feeling to a whole new level.  

This juice combines warm, sweet, sugary, and butter flavors, which are a perfect complement for a warm cup of coffee. The juice also has the taste of fresh blueberry jam dunked in rich, creamy milk. The coffee can provide the creamy milk flavor, and the juice will provide other tastes, especially the blueberry jam flavors. This juice has a PG: VG ratio of 70/30, boosting the smooth throat flavors to accompany the warm coffee feeling. As you enjoy the morning coffee out on your patio and exhale the warm steam, you need an aromatic vapor cloud from this e-juice to enhance the experience. 


male hands holding coffee cup and e-cigarette

Oasis E-Juice by Aqua Ice E-Liquid 

For milkshake lovers, oasis e-juice is the best compliment for your drink. The juice is made from a combination of peaches, papayas, and cantaloupe to provide the degree of sweetness you need to accompany your milkshake. You get a sweet and noticeable melon taste as you exhale the vapor.   

The VG: PG ratio of 70/30 means you get to enjoy more flavor with smooth throat hits and superb cloud production to improve the milkshake taste. This juice gives you more burst of fruit flavor to complement the milkshake taste. 


closeup of a young man with an electronic cigarette and a cup of coffee in the terrace of a cafe. Stylish man with laptop, coffee and e-cigarette.

Bottom line 

Having a powerful e-juice to accompany your drink is the best feeling. The perfect vape juices to accompany your drink should generate flavors nearly similar to those that complement those produced by the drink. Having a refreshing e-juice flavor will boost your drink and allow you to relax while drinking. You can try some of these flavors and enjoy the feeling.