Your Dog Should Be Eating Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

With all the options out there for dog food, dry, wet, or even dehydrated, it gets confusing figuring out what exactly you should be feeding your pet. You want your dog to be as happy and healthy as possible, so it is important to make the best decision when it comes to its diet. One thing you should know amidst all of the brand names and goofy commercials, is that freeze dried raw dog food is on the shelves and will treat your dog well. But what makes it so great?

Highly Nutritious
Feeding your dogs freeze dried raw dog food is the best way to go to ensure that your canine companion is eating the most healthy, nutritious food. Remember that nutrition is important for both you and your pup. The reason why it makes so much of a difference feeding your dog freeze dried raw dog food is that the process of freeze drying the ingredients actually protects and preserves the nutrients in the ingredients. High heat can break down the ordinarily healthy ingredients and strip some of the nutrients from them in the cooking process. This means that some of the nutrients in the food are going to waste when cooked as opposed to freeze dried. Couple this with the fact that some companies try to get away with creating food with less nutritious ingredients in the first place and you have food that is doing not much more for your pet than filling up its stomach. It certainly isn’t delivering on taste either.

Better Tasting
Another reason to opt for freeze dried raw dog food is because of the taste. That’s right, we’re talking flavor. Pet owners often reach for the nearest bag of dog food and give their pets only that for months at a time, every single day. They forget that like humans, animals can taste food as well. They just can’t articulate their distaste for their food in a way that humans would understand. Imagine if you ate the same bland, unappealing food every day for months on end. Doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? There’s no need to make your dogs eat that way when so many tasty types of dog food are out there. Pass on that flavorless food and get your dogs something they would actually enjoy like this bag of beef nuggets by Primal, packed full of flavor. A more clever mix of flavors like this turkey and sardines mix might also do the trick. You shouldn’t be the only one in your home enjoying your meals.

You’ve heard the argument and the decision is clear: it is so much better to feed your beloved canine higher quality food like freeze dried raw dog food as opposed to dry, flavorless, unhealthy food. You are not only making your dog happier by choosing the better tasting option, but also making them feel better by giving them the nutrients they need to stay happy, bright, and active. Keeping your dog well-fed and in good shape is in your best interest as well, so that you can keep your happy pup by your side for as long as possible. You should have no trouble finding a variety of brands and flavors at My Pets Plus to keep you and your pets happy.

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