Fundraising Event Ideas to Take and Tweak Today

Fundraising events are a great way to get support for your mission from people. Based on your mission and where your prospective supporters live, you can decide to plan a virtual/offline/hybrid fundraising event. Once you know what type of event you want to host, it’s time to plan it.

When planning your fundraising event, make sure it is interesting, so your participants are engaged throughout the event and show the support you expect from them (be it in the form of monetary donations, gifts donation, or just getting involved in the activities you have planned).

We know planning a creative fundraising event can be a big task, especially if you are new to it. So here we have a collection of some cool virtual fundraising event ideas that you can take and tweak to plan for your mission.

Fun and Engaging Fundraising Event Ideas
1. Display Social Wall at Your Event

Social media is that one love that has kept people addicted to itself. You can promote your mission and fundraising event through social media and even make a campaign out of it if you dedicate a unique hashtag to it. Before your event, create a buzz on social media, and it will generate a lot of organic content. 

You can then collect this UGC and showcase it during your event through social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. It has a Display product that you can use in your offline/online fundraising event. Displaying the live social feed of your campaign keeps your audience engaged, even during the breaks between the activities.

2. Host an Auction of Unique or Limited Edition Items

People love it when they buy something which is not quickly available on market. That feeling of holding a unique or limited edition item is incredible for many people. Use it to your benefit, and auction such things at your fundraising event. You can auction premium products from big brands or locally handcrafted items that promote local craftsmanship.

Auctioning offline is mostly easy, but if you are doing a virtual event, you can display your products online and use the QR codes for auctioning them. Taggbox Display makes it even easier for you to add QR codes to your online event presentation.

3. Do Movie Marathons

Who doesn’t love movies! Trust us, people crave that one relaxing day/night when they don’t have to do anything, and they can laze around, watch movies and eat junk food. Unfortunately for them, they are never able to set a day for themselves, but you can do it for them. When they are in a good and relaxed mood, they will be more open to hearing and supporting your idea and fundraising mission.

4. Organize Trivia

People love showing off their knowledge, so plan a trivia for your audience where they can show off what they know. Pick topics your audience would like. So, you need to research your audience, talk with them to understand their tastes.

5. Host Open Mic

It is a trending event type that many people like to participate in and attend. If your audience base has similar likes, then the open mic is a great way to engage them. You can even pick a theme around your fundraising mission for your open mic event. 

6. Organize a Cooking Event

During the pandemic, people have explored a lot of their hidden talent of cooking skills. Some have even mastered the art of cooking a few dishes that they now show off on every occasion. Invite these people to join your cooking event. You will also find a lot of people who simply love cooking. Ask them to join your event. When people are doing what they love, they are likely to show more interest in your fundraising mission and make it successful.

7. De-stress with a Games Event

Recreational activities are a great way to take a break from the everyday grind and relax. You can organize indoor or outdoor games activities for your audience as a part of the event. They will love to spend away from their daily chores.

Some more Fundraising Ideas from our Bucket

You can even organize simple activities like fitness camps or health checkup camps. Even chores for charity activity will be good if it suits your event mission and budget. You can place some photo booths, organize events like theater shows or band shows to keep your participants entertained.


The two most important things to make your fundraising event successful are your theme and your event’s content plan/activity plan. A good event theme will attract more participants to your fundraising event, and a good content plan will keep your audience engaged, happy and motive them to support your mission.

So pick interesting ideas suitable for your mission and audience. How you host your event will make a big difference, so make sure your audience is involved throughout the event, even during the short breaks.