Daniel Negreanu wins Poker Go Cup in 8 years

Daniel Negreanu, also known as ‘Kid Poker’, is a professional poker player from Canada. He has won six WSOP bracelets and two WPT championships. The six-time bracelet winner hadn’t won a tournament since 2013, a reality he changed when he won $50,000 NLHE of the 2021 PokerGo Cup. 

The GGPoker Ambassador, Daniel Negreanu, single-handedly defeated all four of his opponents, finally eliminating David Coleman heads-up to grab the title. Against a strong field of high-stakes sharks, Kid Poker won his first major live poker tournament since 2013 by defeating 34 players. With this success, he added $700,000 to his live tournament winnings. With the win in this poker tournament series, Negreanu increased his career earnings total to $43,298,504 from the various types of poker tournaments and games, making him 3rd on All-Time Money List and number one on Canada’s All-time Money List. 

After the win, Daniel Negreanu said, I have cashed for $20 to $30 million since 2013, so I have yet been able to post victories in terms of money, but the coveted top prize has been missing. It was just like a reminder, as of Buckner back in Shea Stadium, when I was playing heads up with (David Coleman) and that three hit the turn. In my thoughts, I am thinking of every possible bad thing. But, I cannot help it. I am a human being. As I have gotten that win, I don’t have to think about it. 

Daniel also said that I think my game is better than it has ever been. I feel like I have done well throughout the week…After that, I had a bubble, two min-cashes, and then I had this one. I felt like I have been in there. I have great admiration for my opponents and their abilities. I believe it is also the ideal learning ground, watching pros like Jake Schindler’s, Ali Imsirovic’s, and Alex Foxen.

Poker Final Table Action

All eyes were on Imsirovic and Negreanu as both competed for the PokerGo championship. Ali Imsirovic entered the final table of PokerGo cup with the chip lead with Negreanu. This festival, Imsirovic has already won two out of the first six events, entering the poker final table with the chip lead each time.

For Bosnian, the poker event was different as he rapidly lost the chip lead before falling in 5th place for $122,500 when his 10-10 couldn’t compete with poker champion’s A-A.

The next player who got eliminated finished in fourth place for $192,500 was Sergi Reixach. Negreanu was stuck with 8’s on a seven-high flop, and Reixach called with K-K. With 8 on the turn gave Negreanu a set and knocked out Reixach when the card on the river came out blank. 

Soon after, the Canadian also defeated Alex Foxen. He got it in with A-J against Negreanu’s Q-7 suited. However, the 7 on the board gave Negreanu a pair, and Foxen was eliminated in third place for $280,000.

Kid Poker and Coleman Heads-up round

Regardless of defeating the first three opponents at the poker final table, Kid Poker was marginally behind Coleman when heads-up play began. Negreanu gained the lead and maintained it at the time of the one-on-one battle. He had had a few setbacks along the way, in addition to a hand where he doubled David Coleman on a flip where treys defeated A-J. Kid Poker had almost doubled the chips of Coleman at the time of the final hand. David Coleman stuck the button with 5-5 for 19 big blinds, and Negreanu called with K-10. After Negreanu bricked the flop and the turn, it seemed that Coleman would double and start to make a comeback. However, a 10 on the river paired up with Negreanu, giving him the first win in 8 years, whereas Coleman was rewarded $455,000 for finishing second. 

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