Easy and Sure-Fire Ways to Boost User Engagement with Video Animations

High-quality video animation can give life to your key message. Whether it’s a 2D or 3D animation video, a motion graphics video, or a whiteboard animation video, a common goal behind all is to get user attention and engage every single viewer.

Knowing what elements to add to a video will help you hone your skills accordingly and stand out as a video creator.

This post will walk you through some surefire ways to create memorable video animations and keep the viewers hooked to your content.

Get Attention with Vivid Storytelling


Every video production company in Dubai does this. Storytelling is the key to creating memorable videos that stay in a prospect’s mind forever. Human brains are wired to remember content and information revealed in the form of a story.

Here are some tips for telling compelling stories in your videos:

  • Use a solid hook to get the attention of your audience in the first few seconds
  • Use humor to engage your audience
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Don’t digress from your core message
  • Keep things short and snappy

Stories told via video need to be prepared carefully. You have little time to get the message across and you can’t create a text-heavy video. So create an ideal persona and prepare a video script that would resonate with your audience.

Cut Down the Text, Add Elements to Evoke Emotions

Now that you have a story and script ready, it’s time to brainstorm how you can use visuals over text to communicate your message. Modern-day video animation tools provide you with a plethora of options to add emotions, emojis, and loads of elements to improve video quality.

Videos are engaging because our minds don’t like to go through chunks of text to get the crux of the message. Built-in elements also let you add some fun to the video. For example, you can introduce a cartoon character to entertain the viewers.

This way, you can turn even the driest of subjects into an interesting explainer or marketing video.

Be Precise, Avoid Longer Videos

Constantly dwindling attention span and a myriad of distractions; people no longer have enough time to watch the full videos. One of the keys to making powerful video animations is brevity. Keep them short, without cutting down any portion of the core script.

According to Vidyard, a famous video editing tool, over 60% of people watch a business-related video till the end of it’s less than 60 seconds long. And this engagement rate keeps going down the longer the video gets, shrinking to only 26% if a video is longer than 20 minutes.

So the ideal length of a video is between five to ten minutes. If you can tell the same story in less than five minutes, don’t stretch it. The shorter the better!

Keep Your Videos Simple & Easily Understandable

If you are creative, you will be tempted to use multiple elements in a single video. You may even go out of the box to stand out and deliver your message in a punchy way. 

But sometimes adding too many elements or concepts in a single video can lead to complexity. What’s the point if an ordinary viewer can’t even grasp the core message?

Simplicity is the key. Your videos need to be understandable for every individual part of your target audience. They could be primary school kids, teenagers, entrepreneurs, and even people who may not have a big academic background.

Invest in Professional Voice Over


Has it ever happened to you that you prepared an amazing video but the voice-over quality was off? Indeed, the voice in the background—if there’s any—can make a huge difference to your video.

So always hire a professional voice-over artist; someone whose voice will engage your audience.

If you don’t have time for this, you can hand over all the video production and voiceover work to professional video motion graphic services that can take care of every aspect of your video.

Add Some Brand Personality to Your Videos

If your objective behind a video animation is to promote your brand, you must give a bit of brand personality in those videos. How do you want the audience to perceive your brand? 

According to the product or services you are marketing, your voice and tone will vary. A brand selling kids’ toys will sound fun, exciting, and playful. Likewise, a SaaS company would prefer to sound a bit techy by adding some jargon in their video.

Your personality will set your brand apart from the rest. So do take this aspect seriously.


Creating a video animation is an in-demand skill. The only way to master it is by understanding the user psychology—what excites your audience and encourages them to take action—and by creating more videos. Make sure you follow the points mentioned above while creating your next video animation to achieve record engagement.