Is It Good To Include Initials In A Logo Design?

Logo Design Services

Logo is the most important element of a business and is the iconic symbol of your brand. Logos are an integral form of identity for a business that can be seen everywhere, whether over a documents or staff’s uniform, a logo acts a symbolization of the brand.

The first thing a customer notices is the logo of a brand; it tends to have a great impact on the way people view businesses. There are millions of logos, by brands all around the world and every business needs a distinct logo to stand out from the rest.

A good logo must be relevant and memorable for its customers. A logo can be made in any colors, shape, size or designs, suited to match your business type and style.

As of now, there are so many creative logos to date which makes it challenging to create a unique logo. Fortunately to build a professional logo for your business, you can receive logo design services from some of the best logo experts and companies. There are agencies which provide you with the ideal, tailor-made logos for your brand. Acquiring logo design services for your website can allure your clients and drive traffic significantly.

However, it is always a good idea you provide the designer with a rough plot with all the elements your logo must have. This will help them depict the type of logo, the colors, the style, etc. giving you the perfect end result. Let’s go over some logo types and some things you should keep in mind while having your logo designed.

Types of logos
  • Initials
  • Monogram
  • Abstract logo
  • Symbolic logo design
What are initials?

Initials are the first alphabet of a brand/company name or beginning of a word. The first letter is taken and used as a capital letter to place emphasis over it. If you’re looking for a memorable relevant and simplistic logo idea, using initials might be the way to go. You don’t always have to use abstract symbols and designs for your logo.

Are initials good to include in logos?

A logo designer should make a logo according to the client’s perception. Some brands make logo with initials and while some have a more abstract approach. Most initial designs act as a great choice for your logo.

To make a unique initial logo for your brand you can always choose to play with the words, by incorporating a monogram. Monograms are a mixture of initials or a few letters of a word. For instance, brands like CHANNEL, GUCCI have monogram logos whereas brands like HP, LG have initials logo.

A strong initial logo should be powerful enough to stand out from other logos. Be sure that your designer applies the right concept your business is based on. This will give a good brand depiction and will enhance logo relevancy for your brand. Be creative and play around with the icons and colors to ensure you find the perfect logo design.