Here Is What You Need to Know About Massage Guns

After a high-intensity workout or a hectic day of sitting for prolonged hours in front of the computer screens, it is apparent that your muscles are going to get stiff and tight. Clearly, one cannot stop working out or resign from their job to stop their muscles from getting stiff. Therefore, people get things like foam rollers and heating pads to help with this problem. However, all these things do work but only a little; they do not completely fade out the muscle stiffness. Most even go to the spa for a relaxing massage to help with their muscle stiffness. Massage does help, but who has got the time and money to go to the spa every then and now. We have found an ultimate solution to this problem for you, massage guns; yes, you heard it right. Now one can easily massage themselves with a handheld gun-like device that is a massage gun.

Types of Massage Guns:

This incredible handheld massager even comes in various types, all of which are different from each other and can impact your muscles differently. To get the one that is going to be suitable for your use, you first have to know their similarities and differences.

  • Fascia Gun:

Fascia gun is a very good handheld percussion therapy massager that one can use to experience the results of percussion therapy. One can get different massage heads too, like ball-type head, flat-type head, bullet-type head, u-type head, etc., from their fascia gun from any China fascia gun manufacturer. The name of this gun comes from this that if we look at the anatomy of a human body, fascia is a thin connective tissue that is present to cover every organ in the human body. Fascia also covers our muscles; this gun is designed as such that the vibration that it produces can penetrate deeply till the fascia and release the muscle stiffness.

  • Thera Gun:

Thera gun is slightly different from fascia gun in its appearance but can also be used with different massage heads. It also has some advanced features that cannot be found in any fascia gun. It offers a different type of grip, which some might feel is better than a fascia gun. It also works on the principle of percussion therapy; however, along with releasing muscle stiffness, it also helps with muscle soreness and pain. However, there is no such difference between a fascia gun and thera gun except for their appearance and some features.

  • Hypervolt Gun:

Hypervolt gun is different from fascia gun, and thera gun is the sense that first of all, it offers various speeds for the massage. Then another good feature of this gun is that it not just helps with muscle stiffness, soreness, tension, and pain but is also proven to help recover from muscle injuries. One can use a hypervolt gun to warm up and cool down the muscles and supply enough oxygen to them to speed up the recovery of their muscles.