5 Reasons to Upgrade electric water geyser with IoT

For most of human history, the water used for domestic consumption was heated by various kettles and pots. Although this was an excellent way to get the job done, it did not guarantee a constant water supply at the correct temperature, making it somewhat challenging. To solve this issue, an electric water geyser is necessary. They removed the necessity of bringing the kettle every time we required hot water by heating it to keep it warm. They were an essential invention that is still employed even today.

However, they also have the drawback of being inefficient. While they’re insulated, heat still escapes from the heater. To ensure hot water at any time, they turn on often to restore the lost heat.

While this will satisfy our water heating needs, it is a waste of energy. This waste of energy inspired the idea of a more efficient but equally efficient system.

What is a smart electric water geyser?

All electric water geysers can monitor the temperature of the water inside the tank. The primary thing that differentiates the smart ones from standard models is their ability to use this information further. Traditional geysers come with a thermostat that maintains the temperature of the water at a predetermined threshold. This switch switches the geyser ON when the water is cold. And then off when the water has reached a set temperature.

On the contrary, smart water heaters can perform much more than the previous ones. They utilize the temperature of water measurements along with your patterns for water consumption or preset directions. This allows them to provide you with hot water only when required and remain off if you do not.

But wait, smart electric water geyser come with a trick in their sleeves. Similar to other smart devices, they are linked to a gateway, which makes them accessible to your smartphone. This allows you to control the devices and track them in real-time. You can also monitor the energy use of your system.

Reason to upgrade electric water geyser

1. Smart Technology Brings Safety

The intelligent heating system you have installed can use its data to make heating more convenient and make it safer. The sensors are active 24/7, even when you’re at home. They can alert you when something is odd. The controller can notify you of any anomalies, including leaks or excessive power consumption.

It can go further by pairing your heating system with an intelligent valve or electrical switch. So, your heating system will operate independently in an emergency, leaving you with peace of mind.

2. Let Your Smart Heater do the Thinking

Electric water geysers that are smarter than you think are more intelligent than you imagine. The most intelligent can recognize the patterns you use for hot water. Once they’ve identified the times you require hot water the most, they’ll automatically switch it on and off and ensure you are satisfied.

3. Provide Environmentally Friendly 

There is a consensus that about 15% of the power is use in the average home to heat water. This is due in large part to the way traditional heaters function. When they turn off and on frequently, they can keep the water hot and burn energy or other resources to no avail. Smart electric water geysers will eliminate excessive energy consumption.

4. Complete Control Over Water Heating System

A smart water heater gives you to control its functions as well as the data it accumulates. It is possible to turn your heaters off and on or let them automatically do it. You can have them prepare your water for a hot bath each morning and ask them to delay your bath if you are trapped in traffic. While you wait for the cars to move away, you can review last week’s power and water usage. This technology brings your furnace from the basement and straight into your hands

5. Reduce Heating Bill

Energy savings can also save you money. Although smart water heaters are more costly than traditional ones, their savings are significant. Furthermore, technology, like other ones, is becoming cheaper every day. Selecting the best intelligent thermostat for your heating system will pay for itself in only one year.

To summarize the discussion, Sync & Secure smart electric water geysers can significantly affect almost every home. If you’re looking for a tiny improvement or complete overhaul of your water heater, it’s the technology you’re seeking. They’ll keep your water warm whenever you require it and help you save cash even when you do not.

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