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The usage of paintings for rooms is not novice. They add quirk and elegance at the same time. Paintings in rooms act as a decisive décor element that not just augment the overall look but instill liveliness too. They are a prominent piece of furniture for myriad reasons and are imperative for well-being as they elevate the mood. Various researches on paintings have even revealed that using painting for your rooms trigger a specific neurotransmitter that elevates joy, pleasure, romanticism and positive energy.  Few pieces of art like a colorful flower painting,warli painting, Shiv wall painting, and flower canvas painting look so somber that they are hard to refute when surfed on WallMantra.

Canvas Paintings

 What are the best paintings for your room?

A lot of options are readily available in the market these days that you can consider for your room. The trend to add different paintings for room has somewhat changed and people like to invest in art that is unique in its form and symbolizes a logical meaning. Large painting canvas in rooms looks modest yet modish.

Let’s take a dive into some of the Wallmantra’s best paintings for your room:-

Colorful Flower Paintings for your room

Recreated by our local artisans, these colorful flower paintings by Wallmantra are 100% handmade. This handmade colorful flower painting comes ready to hang and adds charm in your room. Colors used in the painting are quite energetic and lively. These paintings are an ultimate gift choice for nature lovers who like to surround freshness around them.

Flower Canvas Paintings for your room

The frameless flower canvas painting is an ideal décor constituent for you if you want to surround yourself around colorful flowers and leaves. The wooden frames with high definition pictures of abstract flowers looks reasonably appealing. When you consign them as a main décor in your room they illuminate the vibes. There are endless options available on our website that include flower canvas paintings. Gifting it to a nature lover is the best obsession that you can have.

Canvas Flower Paintings

Shiv Wall Painting

Are you a firm lord Shiva Devotee who loves to be around Shiva all the time? If yes, this Shiv Wall Painting is the right choice for you. While connecting you to the great Shiv lord the painting has the capability to strengthen your confidence and your religious beliefs. Stretched on a wooden frame, the character of Lord Shiv signifies creation, protection, and transformation at the same time.       

Buddha paintings for Living Room

Lord Buddha has attended Bodhi, which means wisdom. These specifically designed Buddha wall paintings for living room help to attain cerebral and principled perfection in life. These are the perfect choice to append peace and serenity at the same time. The high gloss definition print immersed in unique colors surprise the onlookers with their beauty and charisma. You can choose a piece of art among the variety available from Wallmantra for your own or your close ones.

Beautiful scenery Paintings for Living Room

If you are someone who loves to buy the majestic scenic view paintings for living room, Wallmantra is the one stop place for you. Gracefully handcrafted by our local artisans these beautiful scenery paintings never fail to amaze as they look realistic sometimes. The colors of scenery look mesmerizing and unique moreover. They are robust, sturdy and are of good quality material, which make them a good option for gifting someone special.

Horse Paintings for Living Room

Horses symbolize splendor, mightiness, and royalty at the same time. From past in fact, several art forms displayed horses as an icon of strength, valor and confidence. There is a huge variety of horse paintings available at Wallmantra to choose from. Their presence on the wall appeals the onlooker and they alone are quite sufficient to bump up that superfluous beauty of your home.

Hexagon Paintings for living room

The hexagon paintings speak a thousand words if we place them in a perfect manner. The structure of the painting involves the action or skill of using paint in the right way; hence the end product is undeniable. These hexagonal arts are in trend from the past few years now and give a different view to the onlooker.

Wallmantra owes to make your home look unique yet stylish. For the variety of options available in paintings for living room, you can choose art forms that display your class and exceptional choice. We have left no stone unturned in making Wallmantra a one stop destination for your interior décor needs. The sturdiness of the paintings not only makes them a perfect semblance for your home but a perfect gift choice for your loved ones, contemporaries, and even your esteemed business clients.