10 Extremely Useful Cleaning Hacks for Your House

Whether you are a last-minute cleaner or someone who constantly cleans the place, knowing some easy and quick cleaning hacks can make your life a lot easier and the cleaning process very smooth. This will save you time, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money buying cleaning products. So, here are some great cleaning hacks that will help you keep your place clean and up to the mark always. 

1- Clean the Surfaces with Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in nutrients and can extend your lifespan, but it is also beneficial for house cleaning. Olive oil is a wonderful cleaning agent and is good for cleaning items made up of stainless steel. You can apply olive oil to a soft cloth and rub it to remove dirt on your pots and utensils.

2- Dispose of the Garbage With the Help of Lemon and Lime

Garbage disposal is something that needs to be done regularly, so it’s important to keep the process and area clean. For this purpose, you can use fresh lemon and lime to deodorize the trash. Cut the lemons in quarters and place them in the garbage when water is running.  

3- Make your Carpets Stain-free with the Help of Vodka

If you want to clean your carpet and make it free from stains, then rubbing alcohol, clear vodka, and even white wine on the affected area can give you very satisfying results. All of these items have been proven to be extremely beneficial for cleaning a carpet. After locating the stain, you can just pour alcohol, vodka, or white wine on it and rub a little to clean it. 

4- Remove Water Stains with a Shaving Cream

Water stains on the glass are hard to remove with a simple detergent and cloth. However, shaving cream can be used to get them removed easily. Once you apply the shaving cream to the glass, all you have to do is let it sit for some time. After that, you will see how easily stains get removed by just wiping off the applied cream.  

5- Clean Toilets with the Help of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Toilets get a lot of stains, and when you use detergents or cleaners for it, they take a lot of time to work. However, a simple hack is to use baking soda or vinegar to make your toilets stain-free. Just pour baking soda mixed with vinegar in the tub and add hot water. Let it sit there for some time and after draining the hot water, rinse your tub thoroughly. In the end, you will get spotless bathtubs.

6- Use a Damp Sponge to Clean Microwave

An effective way to clean a microwave is to place a damp, clean sponge or cloth on the tray and leave it in the microwave for 2 minutes. After that, you can wipe down your microwave with the help of a cloth. This not only cleans your microwave but also kills the bacteria present inside.

7- Use Vinegar to Clean Windows

If you find it difficult running to a store to get a cleaner that cleans your windows, you can easily make a cleaner at home. Vinegar is a great asset for cleaning windows, and all you will need is a piece of cloth and some vinegar. Mix vinegar with distilled water and if available, add some oil to the solution. Apply this solution to the windows and let it settle down. Once it settles, you can remove the dirt along with the solution with the help of a cloth. 

8- Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

Pet hair is usually thin, and a standard vacuum cleaner might not pick them. However, with the help of rubber gloves, you can easily get them removed. All you have to do is wear gloves and rub them on the areas where your pets normally sit. When you rub the rubber gloves on the area that needs to be cleaned, it will generate elasticity to gather the pet hair. After that, thoroughly rinse the gloves, and the pet hair will be removed. 

9- Use a Pillow Case to Clean the Ceiling Fans

When you use a random cloth to clean the ceiling fan, dust will fall on your beds or probably on the floor. This problem can be solved when you use pillowcases instead of random rags. Pillowcases are made up of fine fabrics and will not allow dust to fall. 

10- Clean Your Hairbrushes and Shoes with a Dishwasher

If you are using a dishwasher only to clean your dishes, you are missing out on a lot of other benefits that it offers. A dishwasher can also be used to clean hair brushes, make-up brushes, contact lenses, and showerheads. The results have been known to be extremely effective. 

Without cleaning hacks, you might end up wasting a lot of your valuable time. If the results are not effective, it also leads to frustration which is why you must use the hacks shared above to transform your cleaning routine into something efficient and effective.