6 Best Outdoor Patio Floor Covering Ideas

People generally look for style and comfort when choosing the flooring type for their outdoor patios. Choosing the right flooring for your patio is essential as a patio is a very important part of any outdoor space. The flooring material you choose will not only impact the aesthetics but will also impact the durability and overall look and feel of your dream patio. Here are some best outdoor patio floor covering ideas for you. 

1- Composite Wood Patio Flooring 

Wood-grain composite flooring looks amazing and is quite commonly used. This type of flooring can give your patio floor a rustic, stylish, and modern look, as you know that wood never goes out of fashion. Especially, synthetic wood flooring is widely used. Wooden tiles are considered a more trendy and affordable version of traditional wooden decking. These composite flooring tiles provide the most desirable look of wood, and the installation process is easy. Moreover, this modern flooring type allows you to get a colorful and realistic look at wood without bearing the cost and hassle of using actual wood. 

2- Concrete Patio Flooring

Concrete patio floors are people’s first choice when they want durability, versatility, and strength. In addition to durability, it can also give your patio a pleasing look. And most importantly, concrete is considered the cheapest flooring material available. When you’re looking to create a valuable look for your patio, you can add a touch of painting, stenciling, or decorative chips. This will create a beautiful finish that will increase the value of your house. Another great feature of this type of flooring is its low maintenance. All you need to do is clean it from time to time to maintain its fine look.

3- Artificial Turf Flooring

This type of patio flooring is one of the cheapest, but it does not mean it is not good. Nowadays, it is the most popular alternative to grass and is very budget-friendly. So if you’re looking for a grassy patio floor, this is what you should get. Artificial turf or grass floor is very economical and looks just like real grass. Moreover, it reduces more cost as you don’t have to install sprinklers or irrigation systems. Another benefit of having turf flooring is that it does not itch like real grass. It is a softer and cozy type of patio floor where you can enjoy some quality time with your family or just lie down without worrying about bugs crawling on you.

4- Outdoor Carpet Flooring

When someone tells you about outdoor carpet flooring, you must know that they are not talking about the thin and luxurious bedroom carpets. Carpet flooring that is used outdoors is different from the indoor one. Such carpets are short, low pile ones similar to those found in offices. These carpets are often used in indoor patios, especially in areas not exposed to excessive water. Moreover, they have a self-adhesive ability that makes it easy to install them. These carpets also provide resistance against mold, making them ideal for patios where moisture may be present. 

5- Stone Paving 

Stone paving is for those who want a nice and rustic look. Natural stone is not cheap, but it is very strong and durable, and when finished, the end product is normally great. Choosing a straight-cut stone can create a more uniform look, or you can emphasize the stone’s natural deformation with its irregular shape. Choosing a stone floor type that matches your local landscape can help you save money while maintaining sustainability. 

6- Tile Flooring

Often compared to hardwood floors, tile flooring is considered by many people worldwide for its amazing benefits. Ceramic tiles can be cheaper and less expensive to install than wood or natural stone. And if you’re looking for durability, ceramic tiles lead the charts. However, ceramic tiles have some limitations, and one of them is that extremely cold temperature can crack them. Therefore, you must check whether ceramic tiles are the best option for your house, considering the weather in your area.

By Ricks Carpentry llc experts the different outdoor patio floor covering ideas mentioned above are some of the common ones widely used worldwide. So, which one would you be choosing for your patio?