8 Home Decor Tips for Beginners

People who are in design and arts may love designing their home’s interiors. But, it may sound dreadful for those who aren’t into it. If it sounds familiar, great. Because we will tell you how to make that boring and complicated process of interior design into an easy and pleasant one.

Decide on an Interior design theme

This step is super important. If you want to design your home easily without any confusion, you can hire handyman services or you have to settle on a style or vibe. All aspects of your space’s design should complement each other.

Many people are confused about what they want. They say I want a little bit of modern style and some hint of classic vibes added and some boho aspect. This ain’t going to work.

Whether you are self-designing or taking help from a professional, your design theme should be clear before you even start.

Keep it minimalistic

This is something many people miss out on. We tend to make our living spaces crammed and stuffed. It’s no fault of us. We need to place all our essentials and everything requires a place.

One good way to solve this issue is to install loads of concealed storage units. Secondly, only keep the main items and discard all other things. Be truthful about what is absolutely essential and utilize each bit of your room sensibly.

Enhance the place with some cute pillows

Pillows aren’t that expensive. And they can make a space look very modern and attractive. It’s a great tip for working women or other people who have less time to decorate their homes.

So, if that’s you, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend a lot of time finding and buying beautiful and trendy décor pieces. Just get your hands on some soft and cozy pillows to amp up your place.

You can purchase pillow inserts and pillow covers. And there is no need to buy new pillows every time you want to redesign your space.

Buy new pillow covers when you change the color scheme of your room. Or when a new season starts. Or when you are giving a new touch to your home’s design.

A great tip we can give you is to design three pillows at a time in the same style. Also, don’t just keep using the standard sizes and shapes.

Try using different shaped pillows like heart-shaped. Or try different sizes to make your place stand out. Otherwise, your home will look like just every other house.

Give your threshold an appealing look

The first impression is the last impression, they say. Therefore, impress people right at the front door. First of all, do away with an old screen door if you still have one. Instead, install a double door with standard-length glass. You can swap it with a screened panel.

Also, be bold with the color palette of your front gate. Leave out the regular brown, black, or white. You may pick red, orange, yellow, or any other fun and shiny color. What is important is to add a pop of some joyful and snug colors.

Start with the center of attraction

Mostly, rooms or spaces have a certain focal point. It may be the bed in the bedroom. Or the sofa set in the drawing-room. Or a coffee table in the living room.

The trick is to find out that piece. think about what is your favorite item in this space. Say, it’s a coffee table. Now bring in all other things keeping that table in mind. We mean a matching rug, complementary paintings, and other home décor items.

Illuminate your home

Proper light is significant. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore this aspect while designing their interiors. Well-lit rooms really lift our mood and make us cheerful. It will also leave a very good impression on your guests or visitors.

Update your light fixtures and experiment with new lightings coming on the market. Incorporating new lighting is easy and can play up your space. Furthermore, you can take them with you when you leave your house/apartment.

Light color tones for walls

Yes, we remember our advice to be brave and choose some bright colors for your entrance. However, use neutral and light hues for the inside walls. The reason is that neutrals give you the liberty to easily design other aspects of the space as most things will match neutrals or light tones. You can easily rearrange the accessories.

Beige and gray are two cool shades that would work awesome to freshen up your walls. Steer clear of conflicting transitions. Additionally, don’t paint all rooms with the same hint of color. Use different close shades of colors in different rooms.

Home decor starts with furniture

Furniture plays an important role in your residential interior designer. Though fashionable dining tables or couches look awesome, nothing can beat the classics.

Vintage furniture pieces offer a strange timeless vibe to a space. Vintage furniture never goes outdated as it happens with trendy pieces.


Finally, listen to your heart while designing your home. Translate your personal style in your home décor. After all, you have to live there. So, make it a space that gives you peace and joy when you are there.