Can Bed Bugs Get Into A Car?

Whenever you think of a bed bug infestation, you just imagine they are something relating to bed. But the fact is different. Bed bugs can infest the sofas, cupboards, carpets in your home. Another thing that may surprise you is, bed bugs can even infest your car! 

Bed bugs are travelers. Before moving into the mattress in your home they may have been enjoying free rides by attaching themselves to your clothes or furniture, luggage or even pets. 

If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your car, call the pest control Cleveland experts for inspection. Although pest management experts do not treat an infestation in your car, they can detect their way to your home.

Physical Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation In Your Car:

The flexible way to find the signs of bed bug infestation in your home is by identifying the signs. However, the signs are similar to that of infestation in your room. The most common sites are around the fabric of your seats, under the floor mat, or in the small openings where the insects can hide.

Dark spots on the seat or floor mats.

Because feed on human blood, some brown or red stains on the floor mats may be an indication of their presence. Other than these blood spots, fecal spots can occur too. If you keep on finding the dark spots for a long time, it can be a bed bug excrement. You need to take quick action for that.

Shed skin and eggs.

When the immature stages of a bed bug grow they leave their parts behind. While they feed on blood for every meal they keep on shedding their exoskeleton to accommodate larger bodies. Not only the shed skin, but bed bugs can also leave pearl color eggs in clusters. However, it is difficult to identify the eggs of bed bugs. But if you find them it will be a sure sign of bed bug infestation.

The appearance of live bed bugs.

As bed bugs are nocturnal animals it is difficult to spot them during the day. The mature bed bugs maybe the size of an Apple seed. They look reddish-brown and can swell up after feeding on blood. Yet, younger bed bugs are translucent in color and get darker when they turn old. Tracing them is another physical sign of infestation in your car and your home too.

How To Inspect Your Car For Bed Bugs?

To find the signs of infestation in your car you need to inspect it well. So, to check the presence of bed bugs in your car you can carry out the following steps.

  1. Remove any mess present in your car where bed bugs can hide.
  2. Consider performing a visual inspection in places like under the seat, ceiling panel above the seat, sides and glove compartments.
  3. You can use double-sided tape or a lint roller to check the area around the seat. You need to use this method because it is very difficult to trace young bed bugs because of their color.

If you find the above signs in your car, it’s time to call a professional Pest Control Cleveland because the bed bugs made their way to your home. They can inspect the signs and guide you on the course of action you need to take.

If you find one in the car, there can be many in your home!

Whether you find a bed bug in your car or home it can be a serious sign of infestation. Many homes are the victims of these travelers. It is very important to think of hiring an expert to deal with such pests in your home. They can safeguard you from such blood-feeding organisms around you.

However, pest management professionals may not treat vehicles, they may inspect your property and treat the possible infestations. Consider calling experts from Pest Control Cleveland if you find any signs in your car or your home!