Can carpet cleaning remove mold?

The carpet mold is one of the homeowner’s concerns as it may cause an unpleasant smell in the interior. Apart from that, it looks really untidy to live with the mold. Therefore, it is time to clean the carpet and get rid of them. But the question arises here can carpet cleaning remove mold? Don’t worry; we will explore this here with the help of experts at Carpet Cleaning Alexandria.

Why does carpet have mold on them?

Like germs, bacteria and dust mold is also naturally present in the home. But they are usually not visible. However, certain conditions why your carpet has mold growth are:

Excess moisture:

Mold lives in dark and damp spaces, and excess moisture is the culprit for mold growth. Maybe the carpet is lying in the areas continually in contact with moisture; for example, plumbing leaks lead to its growth.

Improper cleaning techniques:

Yes, improper carpet cleaning practices encourage mold growth rather than removing it. You may not thoroughly rinse the cleaning solution or leave a soggy carpet pad which is more vulnerable to mold growth.

What are the risks of mold on the carpet?

Mold, if in a small area, are not that dangerous. However, carpets in the home are more vulnerable and provide the breeding ground for mold growth. Now, if you leave it unchecked and the condition is favorable, it quickly spreads on the whole area. It may damage the floor below the carpet, basement, padding, etc.

Apart from the carpet damage, another problem associated with mold is health issues. Inhaling or touching the mold spore may trigger an allergic reaction or irritation. Moreover, mold triggers asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

How to remove mold from the carpet?

Attempting DIY to clean the carpet and remove the mold may actually worsen the situation. The over-the-counter cleanser removes the existing problems, but your mistakes may cause mold to return and grow faster.

If you are facing mold growth, consider taking the advice of a professional carpet cleaning company. After that, schedule the cleaning as soon as possible to stop them from growing and restore the fiber. Professionals at Carpet Cleaning Alexandria have the latest equipment with a specific technology that is strong enough to kill the mold and mildew growth.

Take the assistance now for the mold problem:

If you have followed preventive measures and still see the mold on the carpet, it is time to discuss the issue with the expert. However, hiring a professional is a better decision you have taken rather than replacing the moldy carpet. For any assistance, call the experts of Carpet Cleaning Alexandria; they are there to guide any related issue.