Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Restoration: Major Differences

When it comes to taking care of your carpet, you always want the best solution in hand. However, most of the homeowners get confused between Carpet cleaning and Restoration and are not able to come to a conclusion. Here, we will give you a brief on how both these terms are different and which Carpet cleaning method is good for your carpet. Though carpet cleaning and carpet restoration both sound similar, they are completely different. However, both techniques are useful for keeping carpets fresh and organized. Professionals recommend the variety of techniques your carpets require by examining them. 

 Now, let us discuss how the carpet cleaning processes are different from the restoration. To know in detail you can connect with carpet cleaning services such as Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach,  who can provide you with the description regarding the procedures carried in both processes.

What includes Carpet Cleaning?

Over time, carpets trap dirt, dust, stains, and pollens into themselves. And, these impurities make carpets dirty and dull. Apart from dirt and dust, carpets are the victims of unwanted spills like pet urine, food, and drink spills leaving stains behind. Such carpets can make your environment unhygienic and need intense cleaning. Carpet cleaning follows procedures like Vacuuming, Steam Washing, Dusting, etc. based on how dirty the carpet is.

Let us discuss below some of the procedures in brief:

Vacuuming and Dusting:

To increase the lifespan of your carpet, you will have to perform vacuuming often. If you have a vacuum cleaner at your home, Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach recommends you vacuum frequently. Otherwise, you can proceed with dusting the floor covering. However, dusting cannot be an effective treatment. Instead of it, you can clean the surface dust by rubbing the carpet with a clean towel.

Steam Washing:

This is also known as Hot water extraction method. This method is to clean the commercial and residential carpets intensely. Moreover, steam washing is a seamless eco-friendly procedure that professionals perform to remove stains and dirt easily. The final touch provides you with a new carpet look with effective stain removal.

What includes in Carpet Restoration?

Carpet restoration means restoring the original look of the carpets. Carpet restoration is necessary for places of serious neglect and heavy soiling areas where normal carpet cleaning doesn’t work. You cannot simply replace a carpet for a small tear instead, you can go with the process of restoration.

Unlike carpet cleaning carpet restoration requires thorough installation, construction, and condition of the carpet before starting the treatment. Some carpet restoration methods include dry soil removal, carpet restretching, carpet patching, and wet carpet restoration

Dry soil removal:

The restoration process includes the basic technique of deep vacuuming to remove the dry soil intensively from the carpets. Further, some chemicals are applied to remove any other particles that remain after vacuuming. The chemicals are let sit for 15 min then set for extraction process with a high power vacuum.

Carpet Restretching:

This process includes restretching of carpets which helps to keep them organized and straight. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of carpets and is highly recommended by professional carpet restoration services.

Carpet Patching:

Usually, a small hole in a carpet doesn’t justify replacing it with carpet for the whole room. Rather, it requires repair. Carpet patching is a simple technique that follows the cutting of a damaged area and replacing it with a patch. 

Wet Carpet Restoration:

Water is the major enemy of carpets. It not only damages the carpet but also creates space for harmful organisms. Therefore, your carpet needs restoration expert suggestions if it is badly affected by water. The drying equipment that professional uses are high spectrum fans and dehumidifiers. This equipment takes out the water deeply from the carpets making them completely dry and clean.


Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Restoration both are essential techniques necessary to improve the life span of carpets. Depending on the requirement you can ask your professional carpet cleaning service for guidance. Inspecting the need, the professionals will assist you with the right method for your carpets.

Think to restore or clean before you decide to replace! If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service or carpet restoration in Palm Beach you can call local Carpet Cleaning Palm Beach for desired results.