Common Carpet Problems and How Professionals Can Help!

There is nothing like the soft warmth of carpet beneath your feet, but it is not long-lasting. The problems begin when carpets are aged and mishandled. Moreover, it is prone to staining and other problems all the time. However, we all agree it isn’t always simple to clean and maintain the freshness of carpets.

And when you don’t clean it properly, it is at a high risk of getting damaged. Now here, Carpet Cleaning Fairfield professionals come into the picture. They provide an efficient cleaning service to ensure your carpet lasts forever. Let us look most common carpet problems and how to deal with them.

What are the common types of carpet problems?

If you know these common issues well in advance, then later you know how to correct them. Or how you stop them before occurring; let us begin:

Carpet browning:

Sometimes when you decide to clean the carpet’s embedded stains on your own, you might experience slight yellowish discoloration. It happens because of over-wetting or water damage. 

To fix this problem, allow the carpet to dry quickly and spot treatment. A regular professional carpet cleaning is essential to avoid carpet browning, so it is best to hire them.

Rippling and bulging of carpets:

Carpets look best when they are installed tightly without any bump. But if you find signs of rippling and bulging of carpet, then the first step is to determine its cause. It usually happens due to improper installation, wrong padding, humidity, and dragging heavy items across the carpet.

Experts at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield in your area can help to re-stretch them and restore their original look.

Carpet matting and crushing:

Sometimes your carpet seems flattened or thinned out. It generally happens due to improper vacuuming, heavy foot traffic, material crushed down.

A cleaning method such as hot water extraction helps to improve the crushing and appearance of the carpet. Talk to professionals, and they will assess the situation and provide a suitable solution.

Carpet shrinking:

It occurs due to improper cleaning practices. For example, using too much heat or too much water during cleaning. You usually face this issue whenever you decide on DIY over a professional carpet cleaning service. 

If you are not familiar with cleaning techniques, it is better to leave them for professionals.

Other carpet related problems:

There are many other carpet related problems; some are:

Color fading of carpet:

Carpet color fades over time if you don’t maintain it properly. Other reasons include:

  •       direct exposure to sunlight
  •       improper utilization of chemicals
  •       heavy soiling
  •       using rash bleaches

Instead of applying DIY methods to restore the brightness, hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider for astonishing results.

Also, next time, take care that you choose the appropriate cleaning methods recommended by expert Carpet Cleaning Fairfield.

Mold growth in the carpet:

Mold growth naturally occurs when the carpet is wet, accumulated stale food, overwetting, flood-like situation. Additionally, it multiplies in moist conditions, and dust particles on the carpet provide a favorable growing environment. But mold, when left untreated, ends up damaging the baseboard of the carpet as well as the floor. Apart from carpet damage, it also negatively affects your health and indoor air quality. 

To avoid any of the above situations, search carpet cleaning service near me and get assistance.


The source of carpet stain is uncountable. Carpet has to bear it all, whether it is the spill of juice, chemicals, coffee, soda, or pet stains. Moreover, food and beverage spills, kids and pets activities on carpet, mud, ink, paint, dyes, bleach are difficult to-get-rid stains.

But if you think of using locally-bought carpet cleaning products, these provide temporary solutions and worsen the carpet material. To fix this problem, you should take proper care while handling your carpet. Alternatively, call an expert if you fail to stop stains visible on carpets.

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Your carpet can come across several problems like mold growth, fading, crushing, and shrinking. So, you need to prepare yourself for professional Carpet cleaning in case you want to get a satisfactory result. Taking assistance of Carpet Cleaning Fairfield expert can be a good option as professionals protect your carpet from further damage and ensure it remains fresh and clean for a long time.