Easy Way To Decorate Your Home On Your Own With These Products

Home decoration is one of the most important aspects of your interior. All of us absolutely love our own humble abode like nothing else on earth. Therefore, it also falls in our duty to decorate it in the best possible way. When you add a certain décor to your home, you impart it a character by which it would be recognized. Your décor should reflect your personality and your thought process vividly. For example, if you love simple décor or you’re into minimalism, you’re ethically advised not to get something very flashy for your home.

Modern Art Showpiece

Wallmantra makes it a little easier for confused minds on how to decorate their homes in the best way possible:

  • Firstly, you should have nicely painted walls, the one without any scratches and moldings. This clears that your wall is ready to get adorned by paintings and wall hangings.
  • Secondly, make sure you have mounted wall shelves that would help you increase the beauty of the walls.
  • Thirdly, place nicely crafted tables and desks to place fanciful objects to amplify your interior.

When all of the above criteria is fulfilled, then we will move to next step, where we actually begin our décor.

Our walls and tables cannot be left empty now. We require mesmerizing table accents and figurines to decorate it. Moreover, we cannot forget the touch of exquisite vases in our interior for an enchanting appearance. Now, if you’re wondering what to pick amongst this vast number of interior showpieces available all around, we got you!

We picked few of the best showpieces and vases for your home that you will definitely like:

Luxe Swan Figurine

This is one of those quintessential figurines which we love on our wall shelves or desk. The black and gold combination is regarded as one of the richest color combination of all times. This particular figurine would be a perfect start, followed by other exquisite showpieces elsewhere. You should prefer placing this on your living room desk or table.

Yogi Figurines

This figurine represents a calm and soothing image of three women in yoga postures. This table accent can be kept both in the living room or bedroom according to your mood.  The material is high quality polyresin which has an impeccable texture and is an eco-friendly alternative to breakable ceramic sculpture.

Flamingo Modern Art Table Accent

This tropical modern art showpiece adds that essential pop color to your room. It is an amalgamation of minimalist yet flashy collection. The pink flamingo showpiece could be one of the major attractions of your interior. It adds a distinct vibe to the atmosphere altogether.

Theatrical Faces Sculpture

This has to be one of the classiest table accents at Wallmantra. The exquisite artistry and sheer craftsmanship is just magnificent to say the least. It can enrich any space with it’s mere presence. It’s a visual metaphor of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “Three wise monkeys”. The antique finish yet modern outlook makes this showpiece one of the best that one can have.

Black Magic Flower Rose

If you’re running out of ideas to decorate your favorite table or desk, and you’ve already had enough showpieces, just get a vase. This luxurious black flower glass vase looks enchanting wherever you wish to put it. Place bunch of red roses in it, especially during festivities and impress your guests with it’s striking appearance.

Minimalistic Graceful Tapered Glass Vase

This beautiful glass vase enhances beauty of any corner. Place lilies and daffodils in it and witness the beauty on your own. This minimalist decorative vase can be placed on your coffee or console table to grace the space. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity which is very much evident from the pictures.

Designer Pair Of Wall Vases With Geometric Print

If you feel like you’re wall is looking mundane and requires to a touch of something new, embrace it with these amazing pair of vases. The intrinsic geometric prints impart a classic impression to your walls. You would love to see the kind of difference it makes to your wall.


Handling interior and adorning it with decorative items isn’t that hard a task anymore. All you need to do is, understand your own taste and put it forth in the form of an object. Like mentioned earlier, you must choose art which reflects your character. Your walls and tables define your way of living, and choosing objects for it wisely is a great move. Wallmantra helps you in every step of the process with it’s artistic collection of home décor. Visit us today and explore more to make a perfect home interior. From table accents to table lamps, you get all under one roof. Choose a better interior today!