Give Your Bathroom an Elegant Look with A Thin Budget- How?

The bathroom is one of the essential portions of the house, which needs decoration as much as any other space. Formerly, it used to be usually forgotten, and people thought it did not need style and embellishment. Little did we know that a bathroom is the ultimate refreshing area. Currently, people are inclining towards the bathroom decoration. As a result, bathroom trends have become a spotlight of many home décor strategies. As a lame man, when I look at modern bathroom décor designs, I assume it may take hundreds of thousands of moneys. But when I look at it as a strategist, I see how easily you can pull over a regal design on a tight budget. Yes, you read it right. A Regal bathroom décor on a tight budget. Without further ado, let’s go straight into how you can do it.

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Large Tiles

Let’s begin with the basic component-the tiles. Tiles are the most significant element of any bathroom. A bathroom is incomplete without floor and wall tiles. Wisely choosing floor tiles is a pro tip to add a royal look to your bathroom. Large tiles are the best option to use for advance design because they add more depth and characteristic to the overall layout. Also, fewer grout lines are more appealing to the eyes than more grout lines. The large-sized tiles mean you will need a few tiles, which will ultimately become more economical. You can buy large-sized cheapest bathroom tiles in the UK, and install them on the floor for an enhanced floor. So, large tiles are not only a great décor strategy but are budget-friendly as well.


Nothing adds a classier factor to a bathroom than maintaining a single color all around. And nothing out speaks elegance than the white color. Keep a standard white color for all portions and segments of the bathroom. Be it crispy white, apple white, creamy white, they all will reflect purity and elegance as a whole. If you have an already built bathroom, you do not need to break tiles to get a new color, instead of painting everything in an all-white palette or mostly –white palette. It is considered a cheap alternative to renew a bathroom and adding grace to it. Some of the alternative colors which also add more sophistication to a bathroom are Navy blue, grey, vintage pink, and charcoal.

Wood panels

Wood panels are a great alternative to wall tiles. Using wood tiles will save you lots that you may otherwise spend on wall tiles. Yet, the best thing about them is not just their price but their outlook. Though they are cheap, they add an ultimate classy feature to the bathrooms. The drawback of wood panels is they get damage when they come in contact with water. So make sure that you paint them with water-resistant paint with an oil-based finish.

Ornamented with Candles

I would suggest that for pulling a classy look for the bathrooms, you should take inspiration from SPAs. You can create a soothing and ambient feeling to bathrooms by adding a few candles. They serve as the most vital beside a bathing tub, as we desperately seek tranquility while soaking in the tub. Keeping these candles lit maintains a peaceful and calming feeling in the room.

Splurge on a Luxury Room Fragrance

Sprinkling a luxury room fragrance to the bathroom will not give a royal look, but you will feel an essence of regalness as you enter the bathroom. A royal fragrance instantly elevates the overall feeling of a room. You can get local cheap high-end fragrances that can make a set place in your bathroom.