How can flea bites be dangerous for you?

Fleas are known to be small insects that don’t have any wings. They are quarter an inch with long legs which help them to jump easily. Such insects are known to reproduce faster as compared to other insects. One can find them in fabrics as well as carpets. Many people believe that flea infestation is a minor issue and it only targets pets. However, all of this is not true. Flea infestation at your home can even target humans. Not many people are aware that flea infestation can rapidly increase. In addition to everything, it is the flea bites that one should be scared of. Flea bites can severely affect your health and can hamper your productivity. This is the reason that one should either hire pest control Bondi professionals or take necessary precautions to stay safe from flea bites.

Flea bite diseases that can happen to humans and pets

Flea bites are not only restricted to pets but humans can also become a victim of it. The diseases which come along them can be threatening. Here are some of the flea diseases that one need to know about:

  • Murine Typhus – The main reason behind flea-carrying murine typhus in rats. Murine Typhus can also be caused by flea bites. It can enter the body when you scratch the bite. The common signs of this disease are headache, body ache, fever, etc. It is better to see a doctor the moment you face the symptoms. Any kind of delay can be dangerous.
  • Mycoplasma haemofeis – This is a parasitic disease. You can even consider it as an infection of your red blood cells. While having this disease you can feel fever, low immune system. This disease is also common in pets. So, it is better to see a doctor immediately after you face the disease.
  • Tapeworms – This is a disease that is known by all. Tapeworm disease is uncommon in humans but usually happens to pets. According to Pest Controllers in Bondi, even children can have this disease after a flea bite. Having a doctor on the speed dial or visiting him is the best solution.
  • Cat Scratch – The disease might sound weird but is serious if one gets it. Around 40% of cats are known to have bugs in their body. If due to bugs a cat gets sick and later bites or scratches you then humans might get cat scratch fever. This disease severely affects the eyes, heart, as well as other internal organs. This is the reason people need to know about it.
Prevention methods to stay safe from flea bites

A flea infestation can lead to fleas biting you in no time. This is the reason that one should know the right prevention methods to stay safe from flea bites and get rid of the flea infestation:

  • Clean your yard – The most important thing is to keep your yard clean. Ensure that fleas are not making their home in your yard. Try to keep the grass and other plants trimmed from time to time.
  • Call in professionals – If you are facing severe flea infestation then it is essential to call in pest control Bondi professionals. A professional has the equipment, pesticides, and other things to control and eliminate flea infestation at your place.
  • Vacuum every day – It is essential to vacuum your home every day so that you can have full control over the flea infestation. If you have clutter or your place remains dirty all the time then it can lead to an increase in flea infestation.
  • Get your pets checked by a vet – One shouldn’t neglect to take their pets to the vet at regular intervals. Fleas can reside on your pet’s body for a long time which is not good for their health.

Stay away from flea bites

Flea bites are not only harmful to your pets but to you as well. This is the reason that one should be aware of flea bite diseases and ways to get rid of flea infestation. Taking precautions can allow you to stay safe from flea bites. Moreover, if the infestation is out of your control, the best prevention method is to call professionals from Pest Control Bondi and take their help immediately.