How to decorate your house with taste and at a low price?

Are you keen to change the decoration of your interior, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? Discover all the tips from our decorators to decorate your home with taste and at a low price!

How to decorate your house with taste and at a low price?

The main question for the majority during a development or renovation project, or quite simply for a desire to change the decoration, is: how to decorate your house? Very often, there is a real desire to feel at home with a warm atmosphere and tasteful decoration. But of course, it’s even better if the little decoration tips are at a low price!

Discover below our best tips for decorating your home with taste and at a low price.

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Tip 1: Lay the foundations for floor decoration

The ground must be invested in such a way as to bring added value to your interior. It is your floor that will set the tone of the room and bring renewal to it.

Lay soft ground

Dressing up your old tiling with a flexible lino floor, or with LVT slats, allows you to change the atmosphere. Indeed, placing a flexible imitation parquet flooring is simple and effective and much less expensive than placing real parquet or breaking a tile.

This solution allows you, moreover, to avoid starting an expensive and energy-consuming project. This trick will directly change the visual appearance and bring harmony to your room.

How to decorate your house using carpets?

Set the tone for the room

This step is the most important to play on the harmony of your room. You must first choose the shape of your carpet. The location of your furniture, their shapes and sizes will help you with this. So, for a rectangular coffee table, prefer one that is too.

In addition, the size of the latter is also a very important point. It will allow you to play on the atmosphere of your room and will also allow you to enlarge it. For example, choose a rug that will be wider than your bed or your sofa to bring a designer touch and a chic style to your living room or bedroom.

To delimit spaces

This trick will allow you to mark the location of a room in relation to another and will therefore allow you to delimit them. This will accentuate the function of the rooms and can even allow you to make a different decoration between them. For example, you can create a contemporary decoration in the living room area and a more industrial one in the dining area.

To warm the atmosphere

You can bet on a strong carpet color for an interior that has light colors on the floor and walls. This trick will allow you to warm up the room and completely change its appearance.

You can also play with the materials to give your room a particular style. For example, faux fur effect or linen rugs give a very modern look.

Tip 2: wall decoration

No place should be left behind. Thus, it is very important to concentrate a beautiful part of its decoration on the walls! Indeed, the walls and their decoration bring an atmosphere to your interior. It’s the first thing that jumps out at us when we walk into a room.

Change the general atmosphere of your walls

Changing the general appearance of your walls will bring a whole new atmosphere to your home. A color or a simple pattern can radically change your interior.

The painting

You can choose to completely review the atmosphere of your interior by betting on a strong wall color, this trick is particularly interesting if you have a light-colored floor, because it will warm up the room.

The little trick for a more economical version is to bring a simple touch of color to a section of the wall, in addition to being cheaper, this trick allows you to bring depth to your room. For example, you can paint the wall behind your headboard or behind your sofa to bring out the furniture.

Install a wallpaper lay

This trick is perfect for bringing a special decoration to your home. You can even put a panoramic wallpaper that encompasses an entire part of the wall.

The advantage of wallpaper is that it offers a different atmosphere, patterns or colors which, if used sparingly, will not overload your interior, quite the contrary.

In addition, this tip can be applied to any room: kitchen, bedroom or living room.

The last little wall touches