How to get free furniture

When we need something, we have a bad habit of thinking that we should buy it new. That is a myth since there are many things that, although not new, can be found used but in a very good condition. Furniture is a case of the above. You can get free furniture such as armchairs, lamps, chairs, even beds, in different ways. In the same way, you can make your own furniture without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the best ways to get free furniture.

Furniture on the street

One of the ways you can get free furniture is by picking it up on the street. Believe it or not, many people throw away furniture in good condition.

Finding furniture on the streets is very easy. All you have to do is wake up and develop your street furniture hunter sense. It sounds silly, but really when you develop it you are going to realize how much furniture people throw away. It can even become annoying for the people you go with because you will want to stop every time you see an armchair or table in the trash.

It may sound esoteric, but if you get mental and think that you will find the furniture you need, sooner or later it will appear on your walk down the street;

Second hand furniture

Another option to get free furniture is by searching second-hand pages. If they are not totally free, you can find things at a great price.

You can also check I give it to you for Free , a website where, with the downloadable app, you can search for what you need and offer what you no longer use. Similarly, users decide to whom they give their things. This option is completely free.

You can find groups on Facebook to exchange things or things for free. Just type “Free furniture” plus your city, and voila.


Another way to get free furniture is by bartering. You can exchange things you don’t need for furniture. There are different pages on the Internet where you can barter .

Also, if you live in a harmonious community, you can offer a service of yours, such as repairing a computer, for any furniture you need.

Make your own furniture

If you are a handyman and you are good at building things, what are you waiting for to build your own furniture? Similar to picking up furniture on the street, you can find materials to build it.

Some of the best materials for building furniture are

  • Wooden pallets
  • Wooden fruit boxes (or crates in Latin America)
  • Old tires
  • Building material such as bricks

For this option you must start your creativity. If you’re fried or fried and you don’t get the ideas, search Pinterest for the phrase “DIY furniture” or “Recycling furniture”. There you can find many ideas.

If you like this, you can even start making your furniture and selling it .

Furniture loans

If you are not interested in collecting furniture on the street, looking for second-hand furniture or building your own furniture, if you are one of the people who prefers to buy everything, you can choose to ask for a Furniture loan.

There are some furniture stores that give you loans and allow you to pay them in installments. The problem with this is that, in general, the interest is very expensive. If you are contemplating this option, it may be better for you to request a mini- loan or personal loans

Check that the interest and commissions are not extremely expensive! You don’t want to have to pay for a room for 4 years.

1. Hunt your furniture on garbage collection days

If you have the need to buy furniture because you recently moved, a tip is to pay attention to the days when they spend to collect the garbage. In those days you are more likely to find old furniture on the street.

2. Find old furniture by areas

In the same way as the previous advice, you can search by areas. Depending on where you are, there are times when in posh neighborhoods, but not so much (now we explain why), people throw away furniture in better condition. If you go to the more posh neighborhoods, the inhabitants of those luxurious areas may pay to have them taken away.

3. Transportation

If you buy furniture for free on second-hand internet pages, keep in mind that they will probably ask you to go and pick it up. Unless you have a friend with a van or truck, you will have to hire one and it might be a bit expensive.

4. Ask family and friends

When looking for free or very cheap furniture, one option is to ask family and friends. Sometimes they have plenty of things left over and you’ll be doing them a favor by picking them up.

5. Find the cheapest loan

If you are going to ask for a loan to make furniture, research well which is the best for you. Remember that mini-loans can be very expensive. We recommend that you try not to buy them and that you look for ways to make your own furniture and live a simple life .