How to Get Rid of Dead Rats From Your Home?

Have you ever encountered a dead rat in your home? Having a dead rat in your home is not a great thing. This can lead to many health issues and is not an ideal place to live in. Many people can face this situation due to dead rats trapped in the walls or underground, etc. However, a lot of homeowners who face such a situation with a dead rat don’t know the ideal way to deal with it. This can create further problems for them living in the home.

Thus, it is essential for every homeowner to know the right way to deal with a dead rat at their home and should think about hiring dead animal removal Adelaide professionals. Dealing with a dead rat in an appropriate way will lead to a healthy life.

Types of dead rats that you encounter at your home

There is no one type of dead rat that you will likely face at your home. A homeowner can face different kinds of dead rats at their location which is why one should be aware of it. Here are some of the types of dead rats that you can encounter at your home:

  • Packrat – This type of rat likes to chase shiny objects and take them to their nests. They are usually eight inches long and are of cinnamon/brown to gray color. Packrats even drop food in between while carrying it.
  • Roof rats – Such types of rats are also known as the black rat and have 10-12 inches of body. They usually weigh around one pound. You can also find them in brown or gray color. Roof rats are come to see during the fall or winter season.
  • Norway rat – This type of rat is known by several names. They are usually 10 inches long and weigh around one pound. You can find Norway rats mostly in urban areas.

Diseases caused by dead rats

Here are some of the diseases that can be directly transmitted by dead rats:

  • Salmonellosis – Consuming food or drinking water that is contaminated by dead rat bacteria can cause this disease. This disease can be fatal to your health.
  • Hantavirus – This viral disease can spread in many ways. It can be due to touching a dead rat’s urine, due to its blood, or droppings, etc.

How to stay protected from dead rats?

Encountering a dead rat is not a common thing to experience. They can be dangerous as they can directly or indirectly transmit diseases to you. Many homeowners who are not aware of this can become seriously ill. This is the reason that one should stay protected from dead rats by following all the measures. Here are some of the ways mentioned below which are necessary to follow when you witness a dead rat in your home:

  • A dust filter mask – Covering your face with a dust or respirator mask while witnessing a dead rat is highly essential. It will help you stay safe from any kind of disease that gets through your face.
  • Protective gloves – Many people make the mistake of touching a dead rat with bare hands. This can lead to getting deadly diseases. Thus, using protective gloves is mandatory.
  • Avoid using any DIY methods – A lot of homeowners think of saving money and involve themselves in DIY methods of getting rid of dead rats such as wrapping the dead rat in a plastic bag or dumping it in your backyard, etc. This can be a risk to your health. Thus, one should avoid any DIY methods.
  • Hire a professional. Thinking that you can handle a dead rat on your own is not a good idea. This can put you and your family under great threat. Thus, hiring Dead Animal Removal Adelaide professionals at the right time is the key to remaining safe. It is important because only professionals know the right technique to deal with dead animals. Also, experts know proper steps to dispose of dead rats. 


Taking the matter of dead rats in your hands is not a good idea as it can be dangerous for your health. Thus, one should hire dead animal removal professionals to get rid of dead rats from your home.