How to protect your home from termites?

Most people think that their home is safe from termites. The bitter truth is termites are already present in your home but you cannot see them. Silently, termites are damaging your essentials every day. Usually, people think that termite inspection is important while purchasing a new property. However, it is essential for every property.

According to pest control Bondi experts, termites infestation is necessary for safe and secure homes. Even if you are unable to see termites’ presence you should get it to examine annually. Let’s read on why termite inspection is important annually.

Why go for annual termite inspection at home:

Every home needs to get a termites inspection. It doesn’t matter whether you have an old home or a new one. One should not miss the infestation as it can create problems. In case, you are not aware of termites’ existence then it can cost you higher.

Sometimes, if the situation gets worse it can create a mess in your home. Also, it can destroy your home’s framework. However, a termite inspection by Pest Control Bondi experts can save your home from destruction. So, instead of ignoring the problem because you cannot find the termites near your property is not a wise idea. Going for annual termite inspection is the best way to find out if your property can be infested by termites in future and act accordingly.

Strategies to protect your home from termites:

There are many effective ways to protect your home from termites. Following them will provide you relief from termites to some extent. Further are the important strategies:

  • Elimination of humidity:

Humidity is a common reason which brings the pests into your home including termites. Avoiding a high level of humidity will help you to keep termites away. If your home temperature is highly humid then installing an air conditioner is a good option. During the summer season using an air conditioner will help in maintaining your room temperature.

  • Repair leakage:

One should have a look at the silent leaks. Leaking roofs and humid walls attract the termites easily. Repairing the leakages and inspecting the hidden corners is a good option. The leakages and hidden corners are the primary sources of attracting termites.

  • Maintaining space between dirt and wooden articles:

If you have a lawn make sure that there is a space between dirt and wooden articles. Maintaining an 18-inch distance is necessary as per experts. This will help to reduce the risk of termites entering your home. Also, rock or plaster can help you to maintain the space between dirt and wood.

  • Keeping the damaged items in sunlight:

This is a very common DIY used in summers. If you see any damaged items at your home, keeping them in sunlight for 3 regular days will help you. Termites inspection can be done in summers as they can not handle the heat. Though, if termites already damaged your home, call an expert from pest control Bondi.

  • Rearranging your home:

Rearranging your home is always a good option to avoid termites. Removing unnecessary papers, cards, magazines, and newspapers will help as it attracts termites very quickly. If any part of your home is infested by termites make sure not to move any object from there.

  • Applying Borate on wooden areas:

Borate is one of the most effective termite resistant. You can apply it before priming and painting the wood. It absorbs quickly in wood and protects the wood from termites. A borate spray is the strongest repellent for many years.

Final Insight:

Termite infestation can cause havoc in your life because they are responsible for causing severe damage to your home and property. This is why you should go for termite inspection every year to find out if your place is infected or not. If your house is infested, you can follow different strategies like repairing leakage, keeping damaged items in sunlight, and using borate application on wooden areas.

However, for complete eradication from termite infestation, It is important to call pest control experts at once. The experts will tell you about the cost of termite infestation treatment by inspecting the damage at your home. However, if the problem is not solved with time then it can destroy your home.