How To Restore the Shine on Victorian Tiles?

Victorian tiles are one the most beautiful vintage tiles. People used to decorate their floors with Victorian tiles while building houses. Well, if you have an old home with Victorian tiles, you are lucky enough because these tiles are the pieces of history, and the people with a special love for history know the value. In this article, you will learn how you can restore the shine on your Victorian tiles if they have grime and paint splatters.

How to Clean the Victorian Tiles?

Victorian tile cleaning is an easy process. It just requires some time, scrubbing, and an effective product. Whether you have victorian wall tiles or floor tiles, you can use this cleaning method. If the tiles are not dirty enough, sweep the floor, vacuum the dust, and mop the floor with a weak solution of tile restorer product and hot water. However, stubborn stains and grime are removed with the help of harsh chemicals, hard scrubbing, and scrapping. As these tiles have increased porosity, liquids are quickly absorbed in these tiles. If you are thinking of installing Victorian tiles in your home, it is better to seal these tiles before installation, using a suitable product.

How to Restore the Shine on Victorian Tiles?

Restoring the shine on Victorian tiles is not as long a process as you might be thinking. It is the process of applying acrylic wax on the surface of tiles. Acrylic wax is an effective method and creates enough shine with each subsequent layer applied. It is also called polymer-modified wax and is a mixture of wax, plastic, and resins. There are different wax products available in the market. Some of them are designed in such a way to adhere and form a layer on the tiles’ surface. The application of this wax creates a semi-durable layer on tiles and also results in a shiny surface.

Where can you get the Wax for Victorian Tiles?

Polymer modified wax is found in different forms and comes with several product names. Commonly it is used for providing the floor glossy and finished look. Acrylic wax-containing products are designed in such a way to give different looks such as matte look, glossy look, and satin effects. You can also use it for shining the wood floors and sealing the vinyl tiles. 

Not to mention, using this product also enhances the color of the tiles and makes them look as clean as new. For better results, you can use the version with the satin effect, and it is required to apply multiple coats on the floor to get the desired result. Acrylic wax provides a natural and deep shine to tiles and looks pleasant. Also, it creates a durable layer on tiles that will protect the tiles from losing their glossy look.

If you are planning to clean the old Victorian tiles in your home that requires a lot of effort, wear gloves to protect your hands from chemical exposure, take your time and do a few tiles at a time. You will start to see the shine on your tiles, and they will come up like new.

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