Important Things Know About Curtain Cleaning

Curtains can do so much more than just decorate your windows, so curtain cleaning and caring is so important.

Curtains offer privacy and protection at the same time. Curtain cleaning is an essential household chore. Many people neglect to pay attention to this important task. It’s important to learn how to clean them, even though they appear to be immune to dirt and stains.

Perfect Dry Cleaners understands that most people prefer to hang their curtains. They can be difficult to take down, heavy to wash and hard to put back up. But curtains should not be neglected. Continue reading to learn why.

It’s important to Cleaning Curtains

Curtains provide privacy and protection, as mentioned. Consider them your barrier against dust and other pollutants. Your draperies may be clinging to pet hair, dust, or other substances depending on what fabric they are made from. It is essential to learn about curtain care because it is not like cleaning simple clothes. You’ll see your curtains get soiled over time, but we buy carefully cleaning we can get their shine back.

You and your family may experience sneezing episodes, or allergic reactions. You will be able to clean curtains without washing them and deep clean them.

  • Keep your curtains in good condition
  • Protect yourself and your family from dust exposure for a prolonged period
  • Protect indoor air quality
  • Make a lasting impression on your guests
  • Keep your furniture clean

Your curtains’ lifespan can also be extended by washing them. This will save you time and money when buying new curtains.

How often you should wash or cleaning curtains

You now know how to care for curtains. The next step is to find out if your curtains need more frequent cleaning. Curtain cleaning is not the same as carpet cleaning because curtain need more precaution than carpets.

1. If you or someone else has allergies

Allergy reactions can be triggered by dirty curtains. Curtains can collect dust, dander and pet hair. You may have to wash curtains more often if you or someone you know has allergies.

2. Living near the ocean is a great option

Curtains can be damaged if you live close to the ocean. Salty sea air can cause damage to fabrics and window panes. But curtains that are able to withstand salty air exposure are the best. To preserve curtains’ integrity, you need to care and cleaning for them regularly.

3. If you smoke cigarettes, or someone else does.

Curtain fabrics are clinging to cigarette smoke and other particles. It is not uncommon to see yellowing or a pungent cigarette smell. Curtain care and cleaning should be done regularly to maintain curtains’ freshness because it really impect on our home decoration.

How to do Curtains Cleaning

There are many ways to clean curtains. Perfect Dry Cleaners is an expert in curtain cleaning in Auckland.

How to clean curtains without washing

All you need to do for curtains that have been freshly washed is weekly maintenance. You don’t even have to wash them. Here are the steps:

  • Use the upholstery brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner for heavy curtains.
  • Lightweight curtains can be shaken occasionally.
  • Look out for dust and stains when you do your weekly cleaning. The curtain’s top is where most dust accumulates. Useing a dusting brush because dust can be reached .

How to clean curtains using a washing machine

You can wash curtains in the washer. Yes, so these are the steps you should take before you throw it in the washer.

  1. Take out all the hardware.
  2. Make sure to check the care label. If you are unsure of the care requirements for your curtains, do a spot test.
  3. With cold water and a little detergent you can wash curtains.
  4. You can place delicate or sheer lace curtains in a mesh bag and then wash them in the washer.
  5. An old pillowcase can be used in place of a mesh bag if you don’t own one. To protect the delicate curtain fabric, secure it.

How to Clean Curtains that are “Dry Clean Only”

Do you have to dry clean curtains? Wash at your own risk. There is a chance that the color will fade or bleed. The fabric may shrink. Here’s how to wash curtains if you decide to go ahead with it.

  1. Use mild detergent.
  2. It should be run on a gentle cycle.
  3. Wash the curtain separately from other fabrics as they might not be colorfast.
  4. To dry the curtains, hang them.
  5. Iron them with another fabric between the iron curtain and iron.

We still recommend dry cleaning for curtains, so Professional curtain cleaners in Auckland can keep your dry clean curtains looking great.