Planning to clean your Persian rugs? Here’s what you need to know

One of the irksome issues that are bound to creep up, especially if you had just recently purchased an antique Persian rug, is on how to get it cleaned? Chances are that you would have gone to a lot of trouble to purchase this rug in the first place. Sure, there are the machine-produced, a dime a dozen, Persian rug lookalikes, but if you are not interested in a cheap imitation, then you would want the real thing. And that’s why, you need to do your research, not just for the sake of purchasing a real Persian rug but also on tips on how to clean it effectively. Assuming you had just been successful in purchasing a real McCoy, then you would need to check out the rest of the post on how to get it cleaned effectively.

Proper maintenance:

Since you have purchased an authentic Persian rug, it naturally falls on you to maintain it in pristine condition. Remember, that rugs are often made from different materials, from wool, silk to cotton and you need to get it cleaned, by ensuring that only soft detergents are used, and not the sport that can harm the underlying fibers permanently. And that’s why, when it comes to cleaning the rug, it would always be better to search online for professional cleaners who can clean an antique Persian rug without much hassle. Just search online for persian rug stain removal and that should help list more than a few cleaners in your current locality.

DIY tip #1, Vacumn it:

If you are determined to handle the cleaning on your own, you’d better be prepared for the task. Research online, check out the various options for cleaning an antique Persian rug. As long as you know what it is made of, you should be able to get it cleaned easily by following these tips. The first tip is all about vacuuming it regularly; just make sure that you use an electric sweeper with your vacuum as you use it on the rug. And ensure that you use the vacuum cleaner in the same direction of the fibers and not in the opposite direction. And above all, keep away from the fringers as these can get caught in the vacuum cleaner and even damage the rug itself. Just deep clean the rug and it should help remove most of the dust, grime, and other particulates that may have accumulated among the fibers, after a short while.

DIY tip#2, Sweep, not beat it:

Contrary to popular misconception, the way to clean a rug effectively is not to beat it but to gently sweep it. Think about it, you had just spent thousands of $$$$ purchasing an antique rug, and now you want to beat it black and blue? And the result is that you would end up damaging the rug permanently. And that’s why, especially given its age, it would be a better idea to gently sweep the rug gently and often at that.

DIY tip#3, persistent dust:

While sweeping your rug is a great idea, this may not get rid of all the dust that had settled deep into the fibers. And that’s why it would be a good idea to shake the rug, to loosen up the dirt and dust particulates. And you can vacuum it after you had finished shaking the rug.

DIY tip #4, deep cleaning:

When it comes to the topic of deep cleaning, you may tend to think of the washing machine. But that’s would only end up damaging your antique rug. And that’s why you may want to check with the local cleaners and find out who specializes in cleaning rugs. You may additionally want to let them know that your rug is an antique and it needs to be hand-washed, and gently at that. The cleaners should be able to deep clean your rug, without having to dump it in a washing machine.

When it comes to cleaning authentic Persian rugs, these are the tips that you would need to review. Just make sure that your carpet gets cleaned, without getting damaged in the process.