Restaurant Owners Should Know A Few Things About Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

You may think that a kitchen is too busy and dangerous for you to install fire suppression systems, but the benefits of doing so are worth it. Not only will your restaurant be safe from any potential damages due in case there was ever an accident or disaster situation. These units also make kitchens more efficient with less time spent cleaning up afterward because they put out flames quickly before anything spreads!

Kitchen fires can be quite dangerous and if you don’t take the proper precautions, your home may suffer. This includes checking to make sure that all fire suppression equipment in place works as it should; removing any aged or worn-out items from around these systems (such as sprinkler heads). So they’re not faulty when needed most); and maintaining a regular schedule for inspections – at least once per year on average!

  • Ensure that the system is working efficiently.
  • Make sure there is no untimely discharge of chemicals.
  • Ensure that the system passes an insurance audit.

Whether you are an owner or employee, a kitchen fire suppression system inspection can help ensure the safety of everyone in your restaurant. This article will tell you what to expect during this process and how it could benefit both owners/managers as well as customers who frequent these establishments!

Every kitchen needs to be equipped with a reliable fire suppression system that can work in case of an emergency. NFPA codes require semi-annual inspections for peak performance and ensuring genuine parts are available when needed. That is why it’s important you have one installed today!

When you’re in need of expert services to protect your building from fires, it is imperative that the system being used be reliable and well-tested. The experts at Kitchen Fire Suppression will conduct an extensive inspection so no one gets hurt when there are flames everywhere!

You must conduct an in-house inspection once a month at least.

While it is needed that a trained as well as a certified technician inspect the system every 6 months, you need to perform an ambient visual inspection every month.

You should also ensure system gauges are “inoperable,” meaning they don’t reach higher than a certain point on their screen (usually green). Lastly, look into any tamper indicator pins you might find. These will tell if someone has tried cutting them out so they could turn off fire suppression equipment!

When a kitchen’s fire protection system goes off, contact an expert as soon as possible. Make sure electricity and gas are turned back on before they can be refilled or repairs need to take place!

Inspections are important for a variety of reasons, but one thing they will always show is if you’re following building codes and health authorities’ recommendations. This ensures legal liability protection on site!

The Bottom Line

Your average restaurant owner has enough on their plate without having to worry about fire prevention. But it’s important that they remember, if something went wrong with these top priorities of ours you’d be out millions! That’s where our company comes in and takes care of all aspects from tracking inspections up through maintenance. So there are no worries about what could happen when things go wonky at any minute.