Top‌ ‌Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas & Tips To Make It Look Bigger

There are endless small bathroom makeover ideas. You can upgrade your bathroom according to your taste, aesthetics, and overall theme of the house.

However, top bathroom remodeling companies guide their clients to design a bathroom that is functional! Functionality is the priority. What is the point of having a pretty bathroom when you cannot really use it properly?

With time, a small bathroom may start to feel claustrophobic and cluttered. This particularly happens when the decor and furnishing inside do not complement the space.

So, if you have ended up here in search of small bathroom makeover ideas, then we will help you set up a layout that is not only aesthetic but will make your space more functional and spacious!

The following small bathroom makeover ideas are from the top remodeling experts across the globe. These tips can transform any bathroom space into a luxurious one. Let us help you get that bathroom you have been eyeing in the home decor magazines. Here you go.

Analyze and upgrade your shower cabinet

If you have not already, then it is about time you invest in a glass shower cabinet but leave the frames out. A complete glass cabinet will make any space appear bigger than it is.

Think about it, the maximum space in a washroom is taken by either the bathtub or the shower cabinet. Now you need to have one anyway so how about using the design to your advantage? Glass doors that go until the ceiling can instantly increase even the most claustrophobic spaces.

Make your small bathroom appear bigger by “smart tiling”

Tiling is the ultimate home renovation that can refresh any space. Even the most cramped ones. Be smart about selecting the tile type, color, and placement. Search for a wide range of options and do your research on the patterns. Then make a decision.

But, here is the rub. You can select the best design and color, but if the placement is not right, this technique won’t work. It will defeat the purpose in fact. Make sure you sit with your remodeling expert and think about the best placement.

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Increase the small bathroom space by “smart shelving”

Believe it or not, most storage space is required in the bathrooms. Even more than the bedrooms. However, do not go overboard with the storage spaces in your small bathroom layout otherwise it will appear cramped up.

Think about smart shelving ideas such as recessed shelving. For storage, go for hidden storage space ideas. No need to have those big standing storage cabinets in your small bathroom. In fact, remove the vanity, and go for a simple wall-attached sink.

But, before you remove the vanity, make sure you have a great storage idea in place.

Believe it or not! The right paint color and type can transform the bathroom space instantly!

Whenever you are doing any upgrades, it is important to invest in a fresh paint coat. Selecting the bathroom colors can be tricky but it can do wonders in improving the aesthetics of the space. It all depends on your taste, liking, and the kind of guidance your remodeling expert provides you with.

In the case of a small bathroom, you need to be smart about paint color selection. Think about what kind of color palettes can make your space look big and spacious? Usually, the lighter tones do the job especially the pastel shades.

In addition to the paint, you need to think about textures and contrasts. Play with the bathroom lighting and accents on your wall to bring depth into the place. If you have dark floors, stick to lighter shades on the walls. Or stay on the lighter color palette overall!

Make the right bathroom decor selections and ideas

In case, changing the paint, shower cabinet, and tiles is not in your budget then you can even change the decor in the bathroom to make your personal space look bigger.

One pro-tip that can never go wrong with the bathroom decor is using a full-length glass mirror. Or mirrors! Wall-sized mirrors create the illusion of a large space, as they reflect the light within the room. Use the wall opposite the window to place your full-length mirror. The full-length mirror gives a feeling of double-space than it actually is.

Hope you like these small bathroom makeover ideas and tips. Try these out and enjoy a bigger-looking space.