Top 6 Most Common And Annoying House Pests

As in Australia, a wide variety of dangerous pests exists. And these pests are called troublesome because they either destroy the property or are responsible for causing severe health damage. Therefore, it is essential to take Pest Control Chermside experts help on time.

If you keep on getting indications that there can be an invasion of pests like rats, termites, possums, and cockroaches, it is better to take pest control service to deal with the problem. In this article, we will majorly focus on the most common types of Australian house pests.

  1. Termites

You will be shocked to know that one in four Australian homes are affected by termites. Also, termites are highly destructive, and according to a recent report, they can cause damage up to $9,000 per house. Therefore, you need to contact a pest control specialist to assess the situation and to ensure your home is not struggling with a termite infestation.

Only a good pest removal company will first schedule a termite inspection at your place and confirm the extent of the infestation. Once they prove the infestation problem, they will eliminate it using specialized equipment.


  1. Spiders

Spiders are one of the most intimidating and menacing Insects.  Although some are venomous, their venoms are not toxic enough to harm humans. However, it does not mean you will allow spiders to infest in your place as they create a lot of nuisance in the home.

Spiders will leave their webs and easily find places to linger in the corners of your walls, in air vents, and the eaves. So, when you think of calling professionals to prevent spider infestation, they will look for the dark and warm places in your premises first. Moreover, they will fill cracks or remove the gaps to ensure that the spiders don’t come back inside your residence. Local Pest Control in Chermside also suggests homeowners to vacuum the home regularly to deter insects.

  1. Fleas

Fleas are likely to live and grow in a warm and humid environment and can easily thrive inside and outside of your premises. They are likely to target your pets like dogs, cats, and even birds. Once you interact with your affected pets, you can probably be their next target.

If fleas infest your pet, it will have a large amount of discomfort and can easily transport the fleas from one place to other. Moreover, your pets can bring the fleas inside, where this pest will make a way in your carpets, clothes, and furniture. Hence, it is essential to call pest control professionals to help you get rid of flea infestation before it becomes it gets out of your hand.

  1. Wasps and Bees

Bees and fast are also a big problem in the outdoor area of your place. Even in some cases, they can infest the wall of your building. And if bees and wasps start making nests inside your house, you can be in a big trouble. The best can be deadly if a person is allergic to their venom. So, the best to allow professionals to visit your place and eliminate bees and wasp infestation.


  1. Mice and rats

Another commonly found pests in Australian homes are rats and mice. And the worst part about them is the health hazards associated with them. Additionally, they can cause severe damage to your furniture, insulation of the building, and even damage cables. Moreover, these pesky cricketers can contaminate your food and make you sick. You may require proper professional assistance to get rid of them.

  1. Possum

As possums do not find many areas to live in, they are looking for new homes like your roofs and attics and even the garden. One of the most appropriate solutions is choosing the right fence or the top to avoid the entry of these unwanted guests. It is an essential step to take. Otherwise, possums can cause a wide variety of problems in your place. They can destroy the insulation and damage the electrical wires. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate the portions from your building as early as you notice them.

Final Insight

Pest Control Chermside experts never suggest you remove the animals yourself. It is better to call professionals at your place for in-depth inspection and elimination of the commonly found Australian pests.