Why Warm Spring Weather Is Termites Favorite?

Termites are considered silent destroyer; you won’t find out until it’s too late. You will never be able to hear frequent chomp, chomp, chomp until it’s the spring knocking the door. Under your nose the thousands of termites may eat up your house making expensive damages and causes a lot of money, yet you won’t be able to figure out how it happened until the number of termites increases. It is said a termite can eat 24 hours and 7 days straight which is a serious threat to you and your house. People living in house structure complete with woods are at major risk.

Why Termites Are Attracted to Spring Season?

Termites love the warm and moistures areas that you basically find in spring seasons, they tend to come out of their shelters in search of new structures in springs. Swarms are the major signs which says infestation is about to happen, termites can be very much dangerous with the arrival of the best and soothing season comes the most problem pest attacks. It is always advised to book an inspection beforehand from a termite pest control near me.

Common Type of Termites

There are almost 70% of termites be found in the entire world, it is said that the number count of termites can exceed the number human being. There are as many as 2000 types of termites found in the earth and most of them are undiscovered. The most commonly found termites are:

  • Dampwood Termites: unlike any other termites dampwood termites requires water consumption in a daily basis which is why it mostly resides in your roof or backyard where they can get water to wood supply in ample.

  • Subterrenean Termites: these are so fur the most destructive kind of termites as they can chomp on woods for 24 hours straight. They basically form distinctive mud tubes where they can store food and keep themselves away from open air. They like to form their colonies in underground areas or in moist structures.

  • Drywood Termites: unlike other termites, drywood termites need no contact with soil, they specially build their structure in dry woods like attic frames, wooden strains etc.

  • Formosan Termites: they basically built organized massive colonies under the building intricate and inside the wall structures. They are considered the most vicious, aggressive and dangerous.

Tips to Avoid Termite Infestation

  • Keep the crawl space and attic dry and ventilated.

  • Properly check all the wooden furniture before buying

  • Keep fire woods 20feets away from the house and 5feets up the ground.

  • Book pest inspection service twice in every 2-3 months.

  • Carefully look after interior woods like window frames, furniture, staircases, and basement area.

  • Seal all the holes and cracks.

  • Hire local termite pest control in every 6 months.

Why You Should Get Termite Pest Service?

  • Termites increase their number rapidly which makes it unable to control single handedly. Thus you require professional’s help as they know effective measures to eliminate the problem of termites from your house.

  • You might use home remedies to eradicate termites but it will all go in vain if even one of them held back in your home, it can again build up its colony in few weeks of time. This is why professionals are helpful as they exactly know which effective measures will kill them all completely.

  • Pest service providers will also give you other benefits too plus they will ensure inspections and frequent checkups for these and any other pests as well. Hiring them can add to you benefits more.

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