Storage Locker: 3 Things That Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Lockers have evolved along with their design and technology. The importance of lockers has enhanced over time. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of storage lockers for offices and the household. We are progressing ahead as a digitally informed community, and every facility that offers a service needs to upgrade. The millennial population has grown smart in its choices and usage of facilities. Every service that intends to cater to this population has to evolve as an intelligent and benefitting solution. There are specific criteria that the modern storage locker providers have to fulfill to have the millennial population as their customers. Let us look into some of the features and services that make every storage locker a modern facility.

1. Safety

Various aspects come into the picture when we talk about safety for lockers. Today, storage lockers come with 24X7 surveillance. The security feature includes camera surveillance around the lockers facility and surveillance integrated into the lockers. The user will have access to this integrated security and get updates when the things inside the locker are removed or added. In addition, instant alerts on security breaches make the lockers a very safe and attractive solution.

  • Access Control

Digital access is a great advantage offered by modern storage locker providers. The locks of these lockers can be integrated with ID cards or mobile phones to make locking features very convenient. Today, everything is about creating an experience. Features such as access control give a different approach to the storage lockers, unlike the conventional lockers with keys. These features instill a sense of security in the users, increasing the demand for storage lockers. The user does not have to worry about remembering the pin codes and carrying the locker keys with digitized lockers.

  • Insurance

Many people look forward to assurance while locking their belongings. Very similar to bank lockers, storage lockers also come with insurance. The locker providers can introduce different insurance plans to include different budgets. A guarantee to recover the lost amount can turn out to be an excellent opportunity for every storage locker provider.

2. Security

Safety and security have become two different aspects. Modern storage locker facilities come laced with several State of Art protection systems to secure the locker facility from natural hazards and accidents.

  • Protection against fire and flood

The compounds of the modern storage lockers come fully equipped with fire detection systems that immediately raise alerts on sensing the fire. Since a locker can have different kinds of things that can get spoiled with fire sprinkler systems and other water-based fire extinguishing systems, a functional fire detection system is necessary to ensure security against fire. In addition, the storage facilities are also revamping their infrastructure to install flood-proof and heat-insulated surroundings.

  • Ideal environmental conditions

The environmental conditions inside a facility can change according to the atmospheric conditions outside. For example, heat or rain outside can create moisture inside, damaging the materials kept inside the locker. The storage facilities guarantee ideal atmospheric conditions to ensure that your belongings will not get damaged under any circumstances. In many cases, people keep fluid and other things that might be temperature sensitive. Therefore, they can look for advanced temperature-controlled storage lockers to ensure that the belongings inside stay safe and secure.

  • Maintenance

Storage lockers can stay closed for months, making their maintenance issues. In addition, it can be invested with pests and molds over time. Modern storage locker providers offer regular cleaning and maintenance facilities such as pest control to guarantee that your belongings are stored in a hygienic and secure place.

3. Convenience

Convenience can be added in every aspect at every level. It is the one thing the customers are willing to pay for in modern days. Life is getting very competitive, with little time to waste on unnecessary things. Therefore, we keep on looking for convenience in everything in our lives.

  • Convenience of location

Storage locker providers offer different options to access the lockers. While you always choose to look for the closest facility, many service providers deliver the storage lockers at home. They even carry it back to the facility after your rental period is over. So if you want to de-clutter your home, you can do it inside your home. Get a storage locker at your home, keep it in an empty corner and empty all the unused items there.

  • Convenience in rental plans

One rental plan may not go for the other. Storage locker providers offer different types of rental programs to satisfy maximum customers. The rental plans are based on the storage locker’s rent period, size, and technology. The billing for renting a storage locker can also be made very convenient. Month-to-month billing, online payment, and different concessions make storage locker rentals very convenient and attractive.

  • Extensions

This is convenient in storage. Storage locker providers can provide different things such as small storage boxes and racks etc. These things act as storage extensions and add extra convenience to your storage efforts. With these add-ons, the user can segregate stuff in priority or size and organize the storage locker with optimized space usage. Moreover, one provider can choose to satisfy every storage need. This saves time in searching and purchasing these things from different vendors.

Today, we only want to invest our time and not spend it, which means that the invested time has to add some value to our lives. Storage locker providers must evolve in terms of facility and business model to become a one-stop solution for every storage need. Technology can be integrated into every aspect to take things ahead. Shelving Store is a one-stop solution for all kinds of storage requirements. We have a wide range of storage lockers for commercial and residential purposes. Contact us today to grab the best deals on quality lockers.