What are some of the best wall art you can get for your bare walls?

Walls are meant to be adorned by art which you have a greater connection with. Whatever you hang should depict beauty and sophistication along with a message of you which you want to convey to your guest. We all want our walls to look as creative as possible. It’s not always possible to go for expensive paintings and wall clock, sometimes all you need is intricate wooden wall art and wall hangings which appears no less than expensive paintings and frame.

Wallmantra brings you select pieces of exquisite wall arts which can brighten up your space like no other. Let us walk you through few of our exclusive pieces which are worth falling for:

Wall Plates

Mandala Art Ceramic Wall Plates

Decorative wall plates are the new creative ceramic or metal plates on which artisans execute their artistry in a unique way. This beautiful wall plate presents a juxtaposition of black and gold in an intricate way to form a mandala art. A mandala is believed to be the symbol of universe for many Buddhists and Hindus. It has a very ethnic touch with a global message, therefore, these wall hanging plates have an universal appeal.

Modern Art Ceramic Wall Plates

This chic set of plates represents celebration of the feminine aspect. The three plates depict three different dainty women in retro style. It can easily be considered as one of the most aesthetic wall plates that we have in our disposition. It suits contemporary décor and goes best with walls complemented by voguish elements.

Wall Frame

Ink Blue Tropical Ferns Wall Frame

Wall frames embraces your wall even more than paintings; more so when it comes in collage photo frames. This particular wall frame portrays tropical ferns in blue which makes it very sensuous and appealing. This modern way of presenting equatorial leaves makes it one of the best minimalistic yet classy art form which bejewels your wall like no other. If you’re searching for simple yet sophisticated multi photo frame, you know where to find it.

Spring Tulip Wall Frame

These purple and lavender tulips are an ethereal presentation of nature in it’s sublime form.  If you are a lover of nature, you would simply fall in love with this beautiful collage frame. Straight out of the dreamy land, these purple tulips add a mystical ambience to your room with it’s ineffable beauty and charm. You can also get these as one of the best gifting options for someone who loves nature paintings.

Tree Human Face Wooden Wall Hanging

This extremely creative wooden wall art represents abstract art in a unique way. The branches twisting into a human face makes it a very intelligent art. It comes in a set of three which when put together forms a mesmerizing carved wood wall décor. If you’re looking for a classy wall art that would turn heads, you should not think twice before getting this one of a kind wooden tree wall art.

 Flower Design Wooden Wall Hanging

This creative wood wall art in floral design is adding merriment to your wall. This pretty wall art fits the best against pastel colored walls like presented in the picture. If you are a lover of floral designs and want to keep it that way in your home, this wall hanging is totally for you. Get the best of floral designs from Wallmantra.

Lion Metal Art

Metal art are one of the most luxurious wall arts. It is long lasting, durable and robust. The lion metal wall art is a vivacious décor element for your wall. Lion sculpture represents power, royalty and success, therefore, this incredible metal art is meant to put a lasting impact on your guests. It’s sheer detailing and geometric cuts are a class apart. It is safer than wooden wall hanging and is easy to mount.

Lotus Square Metal Wall Art

This lotus art split in four different metal frames is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you want to break away from the conventional wall art and go for something eccentric, this is the one. This could be a perfect metal wall décor for living room where it can receive maximum exposure and attention.


WallMantra’s select pieces of wonderful arts and sculptures are meant to enliven homes like never before. It ranges from minimalistic to luxe wall art, which you can pick according to your choice. If you’re renovating your home or have just moved in a new one, consider these amazing wall hanging ideas for your walls. All our products are 100% genuine and double-checked before shipped. There is no compromising when it comes to the quality. Allow your home to be an eye-catchy spot with WallMantra’s incredible wall art.