How Are Movies Made? The Key Things to Understand

Movies are often thought of as these wonderful creations that come out of thin air. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a lot that goes into how movies are made, and to understand how they happen you need to know how film production works. This article will cover how film production occurs, so you can have an idea about what it takes to make a movie.

Phase One: Development

In this phase, a screenplay or script is written. In addition to the writing of the script itself, there are also key decisions that need to be made such as how much budget you have and how long your movie will be.

That’s not all though.

Once those things have been decided then comes development which includes securing talent for roles in the film as well as location scouting and designing sets if necessary.

This can also involve finding equipment that may be needed along with other factors like weather conditions for outdoor shoots.

Phase Two: Pre-Production and Casting

Now that the script has been completed and development is complete it’s time for pre-production.

This includes finalizing the budget, hiring crew members such as directors, cinematographers, and actors to name a few roles necessary in making a movie happen.

It also includes things like set design and how detailed your costumes need to be if they’re included in your film.

There are even tasks involved with finding equipment needed along with renting or purchasing any materials you might need during the production of your film.

Phase Three: Production

Production is the next step in how movies are made.

This phase includes shooting your film with a set schedule and budget as well as hiring supporting crew members like gaffers, grips, best boys (no joke), etcetera to name just a few roles that show up on bigger projects.

During production, you’ll find yourself running through your pre-planned shots with a grip truck rental while spending time editing post-production elements into each shot during this stage.

Therefore, it’s important for everyone involved to stay focused and remember what they need to be doing because things can easily get missed without proper organization or communication between team members.

Phase Four: Principal Photography

Principal photography is an important phase in how movies are made.

This phase includes everything from production and what you’ve already learned about how all the pieces to the film come together, but it also has a number of sub-phases that need attention too like diegetic sound (sound that comes out loud enough for everyone in the scene to hear).

Every aspect of your story needs to be covered including dialogue, special effects, stunts, etcetera. As mentioned previously this stage also involves editing shots before moving on with post-production work.

Phase Five: Wrap Up

Once the film has wrapped up with principal photography, it’s time for post-production.

This can involve anything from using animation to fix mistakes made during production work or creating digital effects that may have been needed but didn’t come out how you wanted them to.

It could also include finalizing everything like color correction and sound design along with things like looping, which is when background sounds are added in after actors finish recording their dialogue so they match what they said on screen perfectly.

There are even specialized roles involved at this stage of how movies are made including foley artists who create all the extra sounds needed in a movie as well as Foley walkers who assist these individuals by bringing props around with fake sound attached.

Phase Six: Final Post-Production

The final stage of how movies are made is known as the finished post-production process.

This step includes creating all graphics, text, and promotional materials for your film before its release to audiences everywhere.

It can also include screening it in private without releasing it publicly which you’ll learn more about later on in this article.

Phase Seven: Distribution & Marketing

After everything has been finalized with how movies are made then comes distribution and marketing a film that’s ready for viewing by people across the world whether it be online or offline through various outlets including Blu-Ray discs, VOD services like Netflix, or downloadable content from iTunes.

Once again there are other factors needed at this point too such as advertising campaigns leading up to a movie’s launch date.

Phase Eight: Release & Promotion

The final stage in how movies are made is release and promotion.

This includes several different activities like creating an official website for your film, hiring publicists to help with press releases and other forms of media coverage as well as attending various promotional events you’ll be invited to before or after a film’s launch date too.

It can also involve things like red carpets at movie premieres where actors show up along with the director who will likely answer questions about how they came up with their ideas behind the project as well as what went into making it happen from start to finish.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Movie?

It’s important to remember how long it takes to make a movie for anything from TV shows all the way down to indie projects.

It could take anywhere between three weeks and half a year depending on how many episodes are in your show or how much time you’re given per episode along with other factors like weather conditions, scheduling conflicts, etcetera.

Filming itself typically lasts somewhere around two months when everything is combined together whether you’re shooting scenes over multiple days or working five straight weeks filming every day due to availability.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Movie?

The final thing to touch on when how movies are made is how much it costs and in most cases that can vary depending on how big or small a project is.

It could cost anywhere between $600,000 and $100 million which includes everything from pre-production work like location scouting all the way down through post-production content along with things like legal fees just to name a few.

Most films fall somewhere around the midpoint of those two numbers though so they’ll likely range between $25 million and $40 million dollars per movie making them some of the biggest productions people will ever see when it comes to film releases across any medium including TV shows too.

This is How Are Movies Made

Now that you know how are movies made, you may want to begin your own indie project. To learn more about this subject, continue reading our blog for more information.