How can I Troubleshoot Facebook Newsfeed Not Opening?

Facebook is one of the4 most famous social media platforms with 2.91 billion active users as of October 2021. Being such a huge platform with so many users, there can be instances where you might face Facebook Not Working or Facebook notifications not working 2022. This can happen due to bugs or any server error that can cause your application to stop working.

Let us discuss methods to troubleshoot Facebook.

There are several solutions mentioned below to help you troubleshoot Facebook problems.

Internet connection: This could be the most common reason why your Facebook page refuses to load. Many times, due to an unstable internet connection, features stop functioning or loading. Check your internet connection or restart your modem or router.

Manual Refresh: Sometimes, even if you have a stable internet connection, there remain bugs. For that, you can opt for a manual refresh of the Facebook news feed.

Facebook is probably down: this is another possibility of Facebook not working. Facebook can be experiencing downtime in a specific region due to which it takes so much time to load.

Re-launching the app: Another solution that you can opt for is to manually re-launch the Facebook application. For that, you will be required to Force Stop your Facebook application and launch it again.

Re-login to your account: You can try to sign out of your Facebook application and rejoin again. For that, you will have to log out of your Facebook account and try joining again.

Clear the cache: Another solution would be to clear all the temporary data and cache that might be taking up your space and causing your device to slow down. It is usually recommended to always clear all the cache to free up the occupied space and prevent any type of loading issues.

Update the application: Another reason that your application might not be working is due to its outdated software. Updated software causes the running software to slow down if not updated on time. You must try checking the most recent updates for your application and try updating it. For that, tap on the Update button to resume installing the latest version of the Facebook application.

Check date and time: Sometimes applications fail to work due to incorrect dates and times. For this, you must check your device settings and correct the date and time that might be slowing down your server.

A piece of short and brief information has been mentioned above regarding the solutions on how to troubleshoot Facebook errors. Go through the solutions mentioned above and if still, the issues remain unresolved, you can contact Facebook via Facebook Live Agent for further details.