How much do DIY websites cost in 2021?

It is 2021 now and you may be thinking of having new websites for your businesses with new designs and anything that you think will help you. It is not only about creating a new-designed website.

You can even make some slight changes to your website to transform it into a better website for your audience and viewers. In this article, you will read some tips about different companies that will tell you how much you should spend or save money.

DIY websites

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. DIY websites, commonly try to help people with their daily issues. To start running such a website, all you need to have is a PC or Laptop and a connection to the internet.

Hiring Companies

You do not have to spend much money on creating these kinds of websites because they are so simple to do. But, if you think it is a little hard, Web Design Services Australia is one of those services you can use to have your website created.

There are some advantages to using DIY websites. Here are some of them:

  1. Cost-effective: They are highly cost-effective and suitable for startups and new-started businesses.
  2. Coding experience: You do not have to have any coding experience for running these websites and they are easily handled.

There are also some disadvantages. Here are some of these disadvantages:

  1. Planning: There is always a lack of planning and strategy because you do not have the knowledge to import into the site.
  2. Monthly cost: Actually, you do not own that website. You are only renting that site and you should pay some money on a monthly basis.

The mentioned disadvantages can be persuasive to use other people to design your websites. If you think hiring a company is not a good option, considering the financial issues, you can hire freelancers to help you.

Hiring freelancers

Before starting to work with freelancers, you should assure that they can help you effectively. Some freelancers are not as good as they themselves claim to be.

After finding that trusted freelancer, you can have a talk about the price. Working with freelancers can be kind of economical. Because they give you a good piece of service at an affordable price.

A point that everyone worries about is the guarantee. A freelancer may accept your project but after a while, the quality of the given project will not satisfy you. It is not true about all freelancers but unfortunately, some are irresponsible.

They are usually paid at least 5 thousand dollars a month.

Boutique agencies

Boutique agencies are specialized to work with small groups and businesses. These types of agencies include some people with different expertise. Any member of these groups holds an individual part of the project.

With having expert people in different fields you can let them do the strategic, design, and technical work of your websites. Like other teams, their work contains advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Being cost-effective. They usually need around 10 thousand dollars to start.
  2. Discovery phase: This option is pretty cool and effective. They analyze your website and also your competitors’ websites. This will help them to understand how to bring more customers to your website.


  1. Team size: as it was mentioned, they do not have many people working there. So, you would probably have to wait for some time. So that, they can reach you and start your project.
  2. The number of pages: If you have many pages on your website, that you want all to be redesigned, it will take too much time to complete all the requests, which is really annoying.
Traditional agencies

Traditional agencies, despite Boutique agencies, include much more people with special expertise that lets them have a lot of clients at the same time. They are good at their work and high in number.

Like companies, they have big plans for their projects. The smaller companies, all lack something, but companies and traditional agencies are kind of good and similar to each other.

They can create fully customized and sophisticated websites that completely meet your needs.

Having more experts inside their company will allow them to have more customers and also the projects are done faster than usual.