How to fix QuickBooks Script Error [Easily]

Script errors are one of the most irritating issues you can face. If you’re fed up with such inconvenient issues, read this article, which covers all viable solutions for resolving scripting errors in QuickBooks. Our experts have provided a detailed description of the QuickBooks Script error and its causes with the troubleshooting steps; make sure you read the full article to obtain all the specifics.


When do you get a QuickBooks Script Error Message?

A script error warning may appear on your screen if you are having problems viewing a web page from QuickBooks and it does not open or work correctly. “An error has occurred in the script of this page,” according to the error message, or “Internet Explorer error” according to the error status. Although it is not a difficult technical mistake, the error message might frustrate you to no end if you are not aware of it. In this case, you can fix the QuickBooks script error by finding out the root cause of this issue but you can also carry out basic troubleshoot by yourself to find out the cause of this issue.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Script Error?

When a QuickBooks script error arises, it displays the following symptoms:


  • While inputting bank feeds from the online bank website, an error notice appears.
  • Internet performance is sluggish.
  • Longer response time of computer
  • An error notice appears, informing you of the issue and giving you the option of executing or terminating the script.

QuickBooks Script Error in QuickBooks: How to Fix It

Make sure you turn off the notice about every QuickBooks script error in Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9 before you begin the methods for fixing script errors.


Method 1: if the issue occurs when you try to launch your desktop.

When you try to access QuickBooks, you get the QuickBooks script error notice. The accounting software’s default browser is Internet Explorer, and you may be unable to use it due to a site problem. The following steps should be taken to fix this error:


  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools from the menu
  • Access security option from the menu.
  • should be added to your trusted sites list.
  • Select the Trusted Sites option
    • Uncheck the box next to Trusted sites when the popup appears.
    • in the search box
    • Remove any additional references .to from the list, now covers all intuit domains.
    • Close the Trusted Sites window after that.
  • Enable Protected Mode should be unchecked.
  • Internet Explorer should be closed.

Method 2: Disable all the internet explorer addons

If addons are activated disable them to fix this error.

  • Go to the Tools menu of your Internet Explorer.
  • You must now choose Internet Options.
  • After that, choose Programs to continue.
  • Click Manage add-ons.
  • To confirm your choices, choose Disable add-ons and click OK.

Condition 3: If an error occurs during the export process.

Erase all cookies from the Internet Explorer web browser.


  • Open the ‘Tools’ button in the upper right corner of internet explorer.
  • Now go to ‘Safety & Security and choose ‘Delete history.’
  • Clear all the cookies and website data.
  • It will just take a few seconds to remove your browser’s entire history.
  • Reopen Explorer browser.

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