How to search for keywords on Amazon and for Digital Marketing!!!

Remember: Buyers can only find your product on Amazon if the product page contains all the keywords that buyers have used in their search. So the first step in keyword optimization is to identify all relevant keywords. Here are some techniques and tools to do this and come to our Digital Marketing agency in Lahore called Nomad’s Tech and also learn Seo services in Lahore.

Amazon and digital marketing

When you enter a keyword in the Amazon search box, auto-typing suggests search terms that Amazon customers use frequently and learn Seo services in Lahore from Nomad’s Tech.

Competitor List for Nomad’s Tech

Search your competitors’ offers to find a series of relevant keywords. To do this, enter one of the keywords for your product in the Amazon search and analyze the best products in the search results, and join the Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

Customer Reviews for Digital marketing

Take a close look at the buyers of the reviews that have been submitted for your product and other similar products. You will discover the exact terms used by the buyers to describe your product.

The next important question is: Where do I enter the keywords?

Amazon’s A9 algorithm examines keywords in different areas of the product list to determine if your product can be displayed for a buyer’s search term. If your product can appear in the search results for a specific keyword, your product will be indexed for that keyword and learn Seo services in Lahore.

Let’s take a closer look at how Amazon handles keywords in each of these areas of your product offering.

The weighting of different domains: Does it matter where I enter my keywords for SEO on Amazon?

The fields in the product entry (title, bullets, description, background keywords, etc.) have been weighted differently in Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Amazon removed this weighting later, in October 2018.

Currently, fields are weighted equally. It does not matter where you enter keywords as long as they are in an indexed field and learn Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

The brand for Social media marketing

Even if your brand is indexed as a keyword, it does not (and cannot) vary from one product list to another and therefore does not offer optimization possibilities.

Title for Amazon

The title of the product, which corresponds to the title tag, is of fundamental importance. Use Amazon’s category-specific instructions to determine the correct length of the title tag for your product and visit Nomad’s Tech for Seo services in Lahore.

Be sure to do this correctly: Amazon rejects titles that are too long and even deletes lists in certain circumstances. If this happens, the product will no longer appear in search results.

Highlights for Seo services in Lahore

In some categories, Amazon indexes only the first 1000 bytes (including spaces) as the sum of all the balls. Keywords that exceed this threshold are not indexed.


However, the text should be shorter: This keeps the bullets readable and avoids negative effects on the conversion rate and visit our Seo services in Lahore.

My advice is to use a maximum of 200 bytes per bullet character to ensure full indexing and a good conversion rate.

Seo services in Lahore

Product description

Whether a product description is indexed or not depends on the product category.

In some categories, products can be found using all keywords in the product description. However, for most categories, the following rules apply:

a product will NOT appear in the search results if customers search for individual keywords in the product description.

A product will appear in the search results if
  1. a) Customers search for two or more related keywords in the product description; or
  2. b) Customers search for one keyword in the product description AND at least two other keywords in one or more indexed fields (e.g. title, period, end keywords).

The product description is therefore an excellent place to add long-tail keywords.

At Amazon, we have said that behind every search query, there is only one intention: to buy the product.

Sellers, on the other hand, use Amazon for only one reason: they want to sell!

After all, Amazon wants to generate revenue, but Amazon will only make money if a sale takes place (Amazon receives a 15% commission from a seller or receives a margin from a vendor) and join our Seo services in Lahore.

So Amazon’s goal is to develop an algorithm to increase the number of transactions. To achieve this, Amazon positions the product that is most likely to be bought immediately by buyers without causing the potential buyer to hesitate and come to a Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

In other words, Amazon must rank all products according to their probability of purchase and join our Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.