Everything You Must Understand About North Hills PAP Smear Test

North Hills PAP smear test is critical since it can save a lot of women from cervical cancer, which is a deadly condition. The test is reproductive system care, aiming to prevent cervical cancer or infections that affect your reproductive area. These tests tend to detect abnormal cells from the cervical sample collected by the gynecologist or the OB. 

Typically it is used to screen for cervical cancer. A gynecologist will conduct these tests and check if you have precancerous or cancerous cells that are generally abnormal in your cervix. The doctor will also check for HPV during the trial, the leading cause of cervical cancer. Continue reading this post to learn more about the North Hills pap smear test.

What is a North Hills PAP Smear Test?

This is a critical test used to screen for cervical cancer. The test is crucial because it enables the doctors to detect abnormal cells in your cervix that can potentially result in cancer. The pap smear test should be conducted with HPV to help detect human papillomavirus, which mainly causes cervical cancer.

Suppose the tests come back abnormal or clear. This might mean infection, cancer, or other health problems. The tests can also help detect other health issues like inflammatory diseases or disorders. North Hills pap smear test might sometimes be conducted with HPV tests. The pap smear test is sometimes called Papanicolaou or pap smear test.

Reasons for Getting a PAP Smear Test

The pelvic exams are primarily conducted alongside pap smears. Suppose a woman is 30 years, they will need to undergo a pap smear test and human papillomavirus. Typically, the HPV virus is sexually transmitted and might result in cervical cancer. You and the doctor will agree on how often you should undergo the tests. However, the best age to start the tests is when you are 21 years.

Once you start the tests, you will be coming back after 2 to three years. The testing interval widens once you reach 30 years because you will need to come back for the tests every three to five years. Once you are 30 years, the tests should be conducted with HPV.

Suppose you are at a is of getting cervical cancer. You will need to get these tests frequently. The factors that might increase the risk of getting cervical cancer typically are;

  • If your final diagnosis showed the presence of precancerous cells or cancer in your cervix.
  • Suppose your immune system is weak due to chemotherapy, a corticosteroid drug, or organ transplant surgery.
  • When you get exposed to Des-diethylstilbestrol before birth

The Benefits of Having Pap Smear Tests

Taking a pap smear test is highly beneficial to your reproductive health. Among these benefits is that you will get to understand your reproductive health. The tests also enable your doctor to detect the presence of precancerous cells that might cause cervical cancer. Routine checkups will help you prevent the cells from developing into cancerous cells. The North Hills pap smear test will help show any cell that seems to be threatening your cervical. The tests can prevent the cells from developing into cancer stages.

The patients who have turned 30 years are advised to take pap smear tests and HPV tests continuously. There are several advantages of bringing these two tests. Both offer essential details when it comes to helping the patient detect any health issue. The virus typically tends to attack the cervix and vagina regions. When you conduct tests to check for any severe infection, these tests will help. Also, the pap smear tests conducted at North Hills clinic will help detect and treat other viruses like human papillomavirus before spreading.

Eligibility of Pap Smear Tests

Most women get confused on the above topic. After your first pap smear test, you will need to wait two to three years to get another routine checkup. However, do not worry because most doctors encourage you to undergo the tests after 21 years. It is the right age since the cervical region would have already grown. It is essential for doctors because it enables them to analyze the cell samples properly.

The pap smear test is irrelevant because you do not have the uterus and the cervix. If you had your uterus removed, you could stop going for these tests. Through a hysterectomy, the cervical tissue will be eliminated as well.

Final Thought

After the north hills pap smear test, the doctor will explain to you what the test means. The tests can either be normal or abnormal. If the tests come out standard, you do not have any sign of cancer. If the tests appear strange, the doctor will tell you if you need further tests. Based on which type of abnormal cells are found, how the doctor will help you understand one of them. The cost typically ranges from $20 to $50, and if you take any preparatory exams, the price goes up.