Everything You Need To Know About Horse Saddlery

Have you just started out as a horse rider? Do you know there are a number of horse-riding items that are a must-have for every horse rider and their horse? However, with the number of options that are available in the market, it can become extremely overwhelming to choose the much-needed items out of them all as all seem to be useful. Let us tell you, everything that you see isn’t worth buying because most of them are just not that necessary. However, there are a handful of items that are a must-have, and if you aren’t familiar with them, we have got you covered. We have put down a list of items that will be highly useful for you and your horse in this article, so read it till the end.

  • Saddle:

The saddle is the most important horse saddlery item to invest in; it is basically a seat that is placed onto the horse and is made to fit both horse and the rider so that the rider can sit comfortably on the horse meanwhile, the horse is also at comfort. However, one needs to take proper care of the saddle and maintain it; otherwise, it will not last.

  • Saddle Pads:

The saddle is fastened on the horse’s skin; as the rider rides on the horse, pressure is constantly being applied, which causes friction between the saddle and the horse’s skin. This can also cause discomfort and pain to the horse; therefore, to counter it, saddle pads are used. People usually just buy the saddle, but it is equally important to get saddle pads with them. The Horse Saddlery Manufacturer from whom you get saddle will surely have saddle pads in the size of your saddle, so don’t get it from anywhere else as the size difference will make the problem even worse for you.

  • Girth:

The saddle itself can be placed on the horse, but one has to have a girth to secure it at its place. Girth is a band that is attached to the saddle and goes around the belly of the horse. It keeps that saddle firm at its place so that the horse and the rider both can be in comfort.

  • Bridle:

Horses are trained with the help of different items to be able to understand the instructions of their rider. One such item that helps a rider the most to convey proper and precise instructions to their horse is a bridle. It consists of four parts, crown piece, cheek pieces, noseband, and browband.

  • Stirrups:

When a rider is riding their horse, their feet need to be at one place; otherwise, if they would be dangling in the air, then there is a chance of injury. For this reason, stirrups are attached to the body of the horse so that the rider can place their feet onto it while riding. Besides this, stirrups are also used to mount on the horse.

  • Reins:

The straps that you horse rider holding when riding a horse are reins; their primary purpose is to guide the horse. Therefore, every horse rider must get reins to guide their horse effectively.

Horse Saddlery is a category of specialty crafts that have been used for centuries to outfit and care for horses. Today, horse saddlers primarily deal in tack, equipment, clothing, and accessories for pony rides, show events, carriage driving, and more. Horse Saddlery can be subdivided into a number of different categories including western riding gear such as boots and hats; saddle leathers; equestrian supplies like horse feed sacks or horseshoes; and tacks such as bridles, saddles, packs, and more.

Categories of Horse Saddlery:

  • Western Riding Gear: Boots, hats, chaps, and other clothing items.
  • Saddle Leathers: Garments made from the skin of a horse’s backside. These vary in style and color depending on what type of riding they are intended for.
  • Equestrian Supplies: Feed sacks, horseshoes, saddle soap, or other gear used by horses while being ridden.
  • Tack: Items used to secure a horse during ridings, such as bridles, saddles, horseshoes, and more.

Things To Consider While Buying Horse Saddlery:

When shopping for horse saddlery, it is important to consider the type of riding you plan on doing. For example, if you are a beginner rider and only want to use equipment designed for Western-style riding, your options will be different than someone who primarily participates in carriage driving or show events. Additionally, it is important to research what brands and types of horse tack are best suited for your skill level and riding style. When buying horse tack, make sure to look for quality and durability. Horse saddlery should last several years with proper care and maintenance. When shopping for horse tack, it is also important to consider the size of your horse. Tack and equipment made for horses that are smaller or lighter will not be as comfortable or supportive as gear designed for larger, heavier horses. When choosing brands and types of horse tack, it is also important to research reviews from other riders before making a purchase.