Led Down Light Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Downlights are the best to illuminate any space be it your home or office, they perfectly suit every place. Where ever you need ideal lighting that functional and provides perfect visibility there you must use a downlight and only a downlight. Although downlight works perfectly with a combination of lights too but why waste money on other lights when down lights can do it all for you, right? however there are a lot of things that one needs to consider even when buying a downlight. A lot of people complain that their downlight isn’t illuminating the area properly it is installed in, that’s not because the downlight is ineffective but perhaps because the down light you choose wasn’t chosen rightly.

  • Brightness:

The brightness of the down light is very crucial to have well-lit space. Almost every Led panel down light manufacturer makes lights in with different numbers of lumens. It is important to note that the brightness of the led lights is denoted by its lumens as they do not have watts. The greater the number of lumens the better the brightness of the down light and being led lights they even consume very little energy compared to watts bulbs. Therefore, choose a down light whose number of lumens are enough to illuminate you space.

  • Quality:

Quality of down light is also something to consider when buying down lights as if its entire construction quality is not up to the mark then it won’t prove to be useful. Things like frame quality, heatsink quality, led controller quality, diffuser quality, etc. a good led down light must be manufactured of aluminum frames and heatsinks, must have external led controllers with recessed lamps with good quality diffusers.

  • Color Temperature:

Color temperature refers to the characteristic of the led light, if it is warm white then its color temperature would be less than 4000k and if cold white then its temperature would be above 4000k. The intensity of the light plays great role in regulating the temperature of your room. Cold intensity light helps in improving the focus whereas warm intensity light is soothing for the eyes and makes a very relaxing impact on your mind.

  • Fixed or Gimble:

You should also think if the down light that you want to use should have fixed frame for illuminating fixed area or gimble frame so that you can adjust the direct of the light at any side according to your need.

  • Beam:

The beam of the light that down lights give off also play an essential role in illuminating an area properly. Therefore, according to your need, you might need wide beam or narrow beam. Wide beam won’t be as sharp as narrow beam therefore wont a very focused light then choose a narrow beam downlight but if you are looking for a downlight that can illuminate a wide space then wide beam down light is your answer.