6 Tips For Getting The Right Fit On a Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Riding a bike is such an adventure for some and a meditation for others. To preserve these feelings associated with a bike ride, you must dress in a special outfit. Riding a bike can make you feel like a free bird. Talking to the gusting winds, chirping with sparrows, and splashing with rain everything makes a bike journey soulful. But that’s not it. On this road of adventure, there is a great risk too. Therefore, the special outfit that you have to choose for riding must be a combination of several properties. In this context, the best option is a motorcycle leather jacket.

A motorcycle leather jacket is the one having all properties required that make it ideal for use of bike riders. It is as important as a helmet. This piece of clothing is a complete package. It helps to provide safety to the rider. If any mishap occurs its leather with abrasion-resistant properties saves the rider from bruises. The paddings and armor in the biker leather jackets help to prevent severe bone and joint injuries. Along with this, it is highly comfortable. It is never too bulky, baggy, and heavy. You will never feel it as a burden, and it never comes in your way of peace.

To ensure 100% safety of a rider, the fitting of its jacket should also be perfect. A jacket should not be a distraction, rather it should be a support. Since an appropriate fitting of a motorcycle leather jacket is very important, so we must but a perfect one. We have formulated a guide here that will help you buy a biker leather jacket that fits you properly. As a quick tip, we will recommend not to buy a jacket unless you find the right size in it.

Things to Do Before Buying a Motorcycle Leather Jacket

When you buy a biker leather jacket the size chart is more convenient to get the right size. When you have the option to measure then you do not need to rely on guesses. So, what you have to do is to measure the circumference of your waist and chest. Also, you need to take the measurements of the sleeves. For measuring sleeves, start measuring from the edge of your shoulder and reach the end of your wrist. We recommend a bit longer sleeve for biker jackets.

The sizes also vary with the body types. There is a difference of 10 inches between the American size jackets and European size jackets. For instance, a chest size of 30 inches in American size is equivalent to 40 inches in a Euro size jacket. It is not a hard and fast rule to check the exact measures and sizing. Rather than strictly following the sizing rules, check the specific sizes that are already available. If any of them fits you, then it is good to go. Try another and then another unless you get the right size.

Proper Fitting of a Motorcycle Leather Jacket


In order to ensure safety and comfort, the biker leather jackets come in usually in shorter fits. When riding a bike, the length of the jacket ensures your comfort. Any excessiveness in the fabric can result in hindrance while various movements. If you wish to have a jacket that has excessive fabric in the waist, then you have to compromise quality. This is surely not a wise idea at all. The length of the jacket should be just enough that it rests elegantly on your thighs while riding. When you stand up the jacket must only reach your belt line. The same goes for the tight-fitting jackets too.

It is better to go for jackets that have a shorter length. This is because the shorter jackets enhance the efficiency of the jacket. With shorter jackets, you do not have to encounter the fabric thrashing even riding at higher speeds. These jackets also prevent wind-lift and hence improve fuel efficiency. Moreover, from a safety point of view, the shorter jackets work well. Due to their capability of not catching or entrapping anything that obtrudes from the motorcycle.

When riding a bike, if you wish to prevent the airflow then a snug fit is good for you. But we do not advise buying a very tightly fitted jacket as it can restrict your movements. Also, they may make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, pick one that not only looks good but feels good.


  1. A jacket with an appropriate fit will never pull over your head. There can be more chances of air drag and a collection of bugs in a jacket with a loose collar. On the critical areas of your body like the chest, back, shoulders, and elbows, there must be protective armor present.
  2. Many desires for a cozy and snug fit. But do not confuse it with a tight fit. A tight-fit jacket restricts your body movements and gives an uncomfortable feeling. Along with discomfort, it reduces the breathability of the jacket. You may feel suffocated due to poor ventilation.
  3. Do not forget that you can use this jacket diversely. You can use biker jackets in all weather conditions. Do consider that in winters you might have to wear one or two layers of extra clothing under it. Therefore, the size you choose should fulfill all such demands.
  4. The most important part of your body involved in riding a bike is your shoulders. So, the shoulders should have a comfortable fit. Make sure that your jackets do not limit or restrict the movement of your shoulders. If it goes the other way round, it can result in adverse circumstances. A tight jacket can hinder your shoulders to take immediate actions and turns. Resultantly, you can be the biggest hazard on the road. Also, we do not think that you will enjoy feeling cramped while or after riding a bike. Thus, there is a deadliest need for a proper fit.
  5. While trying out the biker jacket pay heed to the sleeves too. They must reach half of your palm when standing straight. When riding a bike, the sleeves of the biker jacket must end at your wrist.
  6. Jackets with zippers are always better. Buying a biker jacket try to get one that has a zipper that can reach nicely to your throat. It is essential as it will provide more safety to the rider even at high speeds.