Definitive Guide on Perfect Rose Colors for Funeral Flower

The rose is an exceptional flower that is perfect for any occasion, including a funeral. Rose is the queen of flowers and often accompanies us in the happiest events. Still, her presence at funerals is always a symbol of elegance, paying an exceptional tribute to the memory of the deceased one. For this reason, roses have become a classic flower in floral arrangements accompanying a funeral. In these painful moments of losing a loved one, the rose represents the brevity of life. Still, it symbolizes a magnificent eternity, making it appropriate for funeral flower bouquets

However, it must be kept in mind that the colors can signify various emotions or illustrate a different relationship with the missing person. The choice of color for funeral roses is, therefore, quite crucial. Also, in grief, it is essential to avoid any lack of taste and express all your attachments to the deceased sincerely. If you want to know what color rose is best for a deceased one, here are some tips for choosing the color of roses for a funeral without making mistakes.

Meaning of the Colors of Funeral Roses

The color of funeral roses always conveys strong emotions but can be very different. Among the colors for a funeral, we find white roses, the most classic roses for funeral arrangements. White is a color that expresses respect, dignity, and of course, purity. It is usually the appropriate tone when burying a person of a certain age to show our grief. White is a timeless and iconic color that avoids blunders and adapts to all ceremonies, whether cremation or burial. Due to its meaning, white is a color we find compulsorily in children’s burials, especially painful ones.

Red Roses

Red roses, of course, are marked by the hallmark of passion. These are usually the most chosen by the widow or widower of the deceased, although it is not necessary to be legally married. Red funeral roses declare everlasting love, a relationship that will last even in the afterlife. A strong message is transmitted with a bouquet of red roses: “I will always love you.” Therefore, most time, it is reserved for the mourning of the partner or the sentimental partner of the deceased. The beloved deceased one thus receives the final proof of love, which he will take in her coffin before resting forever underground.

Yellow and Orange Roses

Yellow and orange roses can also be used, but these colors must be handled carefully. These are more suitable for those friends or relatives who want to pay the last tribute to the vitality, humor, and joy of living of the deceased person. 

Black and Purple Roses

Caution, too, with black and purple roses. Among the funeral roses, these are the ones that convey a message that may seem ambiguous since, being mourning colors, these may not express a feeling of attachment but simply mourning. However, these can be an excellent choice to deposit in a grave for weeks or months after burial.

Other Flowers Perfect for Funeral 

Roses are not the only flowers that can be given at a funeral or chosen for ceremony decoration. If you want flowers in white tones, you can bet on chrysanthemums or lilies full of majesty. Like white roses, these flowers express a feeling of purity and respect for the deceased. 


The carnation is another of the flowers that star in funerals. At a funeral, the carnation stands for reserved tenderness without effusion. Therefore, it is a more suitable flower for the burial of an acquaintance or a work colleague. The emotional charge that the carnation transmits is less critical than that of funeral roses. However, it is essential to know its meaning before giving a bouquet of carnations for a funeral.


Peonies are other flowers widely used in funerals, whose exuberant shape symbolizes life and the future. However, once again, color is essential if you are giving these flowers as a gift. Peonies, the queen of flowers in Asia, are very popular when these are red as a sign of abundance and prosperity. But offering red peonies at an Asian-style funeral will be very frowned upon. Therefore, in case of doubt, and whatever the chosen plant variety, it is best to limit yourself to peonies and other white flowers to avoid misunderstandings.

On the other hand, if you want to place flowers on the grave of the deceased one after the burial, there are several alternatives. Of course, you can opt for roses and biennial and perennial plants, even for small conifers, if the cemetery allows it.

How to Send Roses to a Funeral?

The choice of the color of funeral roses is often accompanied by a logistical question: how to send roses to a funeral? For different reasons, giving a rose flower bouquet, wreath, or funeral center directly to the grave is not always possible. Luckily there are many solutions to deliver sympathy flowers for funerals, even if you want to make the urgent delivery of funeral roses to convey your condolences on time. 

Nowadays, there are many possibilities to send funeral flowers or wreaths to the funeral home, the cemetery, or the home of the deceased’s family. It could also be in any city in the country. E.g., if someone wants to send flower bouquets to Pune for a funeral, they can easily send them by visiting an online florist. If you have any doubts, ask your florist for advice when choosing the most appropriate bouquet or arrangement for each funeral.

Also, remember that it is vital to add a few words to the funeral roses that translate the pain caused by the loss of your loved one as faithfully as possible. Therefore, it will be necessary to ensure that the tone of the message and the flowers match. 

An overly familiar message with almost neutral flowers will seem just as unconventional as an impersonal message with vibrant flowers. Most of the time, sobriety is an excellent solution, and you will be able to qualify your words with the language of funeral flowers that you now know.