How to deal with stress?

Stress is a condition in which something becomes a burden on a person’s heart. As time goes on, I realize that,

When a person fails to solve his problems and when a person fails to accept the changes in the circumstances,  then the person becomes confused and this confusion becomes the cause of stress.

Stress means that we pull out a small problem for no reason and make that small problem bigger in our mind.

There can be many causes of stress and behind all these causes there are two following aspects.

Positive stress and negative stress

Positive stress, 

Positive stress is what motivates a person to face the challenges of life and pressures a person to work harder on the path of success.

Negative stress, 

When man constantly faces the challenges of life,without stopping in effort.

In any kind of stress, man should not make this stress a burden on himself. Rather, he should keep himself calm in all kinds of situations. Because these disturbances of mind caused by stress do not allow a person to pay attention to any work or anything.

I have always followed this principle in my life, to keep myself calm in all kinds of situations so that I can focus on the solution of my problems in a better way and plan better for the life to come.

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. And every human being in this world seems to be suffering from some or the other problem. But the wise man is the one who,

Who knows how to handle stress properly.

For example, 

Corona weakened the economies of many countries and affected the jobs and businesses of many people.

But in this pandemic, the countries that made the best decisions about the economy and people’s health, rather than spreading stress, they remain calm despite the stressful environment of Corona.

This example shows that people who keep themselves calm in all kinds of stressful situations can cope better with stressful situations.

Man is also confused due to the worries that come in the changing circumstances of life.

For example, 

News of the death of a loved one


To get married

Moving to a new home

Loss of job

Emotional shocks, for example

Depression, sensitive nature,  remorse, etc.

It is human nature that he is not be able to adapt any changing in circumstances immediately. And that is why man should learn that how to keep myself calm in the face of sudden change of circumstances.

Because if a person does not keep himself calm in these troubles, then he can suffers from minor psychological problems.

For example, 


Fatigue (tiredness in dealing with situations),

Daily sleep disturbances. 

Thinking about worries 

Stomach problems and crying over small things. 

In addition, stress can lead to problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack and muscle spasms. Stress can also lead to severe conditions such as anxiety and depression.

A very sensitive person who has set a lot of expectations from others. And only because of this he finds it difficult to accept the changing of attitudes and because of this he becomes a victim of emotional stress.

A sensitive person takes 80% of the worries of his life by associating wrong expectations with others.

That is why one should learn to control his emotions and not base his hopes on others unnecessarily.

How to overcome stress? 

* In order to control stress, one must first strengthen himself so that no problem or any effort on the path to success can make him a victim of such stress.

* Worship is a blessing. Worship of God gives man peace. And from the Creator of his life, by describing the problems of his life, man gets internal peace.

* Don’t talk about your problems to others all the time. That’s how people start to get away from you. And man begins to travel towards loneliness, so man should seek some advice by discussing his problems with only one sincere person.

* Get in the habit of celebrating the small joys of life. Invite your family and friends to dinner.

* Daily exercise habits should be adopted so that a person stays physically fit and a healthy mind always present in a healthy body.

* Instead of worrying about your problems, you should think about solving your own problems.

* And in all kinds of situations, you should keep your attitude positive.

* One should spend his free time in healthy activities because in his free time he thinks more about his worries.

* Man should keep his life trends simple and easy so that he can avoid the hassle of running after luxuries.

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My own opinion is that,

The more realistic a person is, the more he will be able to cope with troubles, because the stress of turning some dreams into reality also keeps a person confused.

And the pursuit of some unfulfilled desires also makes a person tired. And this tiredness brings stress in human life.

In addition, most people in this world are troubled by the thought of what the world will think of them because of their actions. That is, worrying about the views of others about himself also disturbs a person.

The best way to deal with stress is to keep your mind free of unnecessary thoughts and be realistic and take stock of everything.