How To Identify The Fake Diamond Stud Earring By Simple Methods

The presence of most white gems is the same as diamonds. All of them, however, vary in physical, chemical, and optical properties. Unfortunately, you can not conclude that a diamond is genuine. By taking it to a gemological laboratory for expert inspection, the surest way to detect a fake diamond is. This procedure is relatively costly and time-consuming.

The greatest feeling ever comes with receiving a gift of diamond stud earrings for men. However, if you discover the stone was fake, it could turn out to be the worst. Never let the world crash, learn to identify fake gems, and save yourself from con artists. You need to take care when purchasing these precious gemstones and be told about markers pointing to fake diamonds. We’re going to let you know the easiest strategies in this article to spot a fake diamond stud earring. Scroll down and learn a couple of points that can help.


Sandpaper the diamond stud earring

Only if you don’t mind missing the stud earring is this a good way. Please take the sandpaper to make sure it is not coated with diamond powder. You remember, for now, diamonds are incredibly rough. It can not be harmed by sandpaper. The stud will get scratched when you sandpaper a fake diamond.

Put the stud earring under a black light

For this process, you need a black light. Turn the lights off and let the diamond face the black light until you have it. A fake diamond, on the other hand, will never appear bluish under a black light. For a genuine diamond, the stone with fluorescence in it will turn blue. It will turn orange, yellow, or gray instead.

Insert the diamond stud earring in water

Take a bottle and put some water in it. Get an earring for your stud and put it inside. Please take a look at how deep the water sinks into it. Mind, diamonds are dense so that they can fall to the bottom easily. If your gem does not fall to the bottom easily, the stud is most likely an imitation of quartz or glass.

Heat the diamond stud earring

Have a candle flame or lighter and a glass of cold water. With a pair of tweezers, catch your jewelry and heat it for 30-45 seconds over the candle’s flame or lighter. Drop it into the ice-cold water instantly. A genuine diamond does not react to changes in extreme temperatures. If the diamond is fake, however, it may crack or shatter when you attempt this technique.

Use a newspaper to look through the stud earring

Take a pad and put the stud earring upside down on it. Try to decipher the words in the Stone Newspaper. A true diamond refracts light that you can’t see through it. It is more translucent for fake gem-like zirconia, and through it, you can see the light.

Use a magnifying glass the determine whether the diamond earring is fake

Hold up a magnifying glass to see if your diamond stud earring is fake, then look through the glass at the diamond. Check if there are any imperfections you can see. If there is nothing wrong that you can see, then the stone is automatically fake. True diamonds have inclusions called imperfections. We have flawless diamonds on the market, however, but they are very costly or laboratory-generated.

The fog test

You need to keep the stud earring between two fingers in this process. With a blast of air, breath on it. Owing to the warmth and moisture brought by your breath, a light fog will form on the stone. The fog could dissipate very quickly for a genuine diamond. If you discover that it took the fog several seconds to disperse, the jewelry is most likely fake. The truth is that diamonds conduct heat efficiently and thus diffuse heat rapidly. You would be able to tell between fake and true with that in mind.

A small dot drawing on a piece of paper

Pick up a pen and a white piece of paper, then draw a little dot. Place the earring over the middle of the dot with the stud. Look down on it directly. You can’t see any marks on the paper if your diamond jewelry is genuine. You’ll see a circular reflection of a fake diamond on the stone. If you see rainbow reflections, you may have to deal with a low-quality diamond here.

When a product is in demand, vendors always try to imitate the product and sell it as an authentic item, particularly when sold at high prices. In this scenario, today, there are fake diamond mixed markets, it is important to ensure that you buy from a credible source. To demonstrate that they are genuine, some of the diamond stud earrings come with GIA, IGS, or EGL USA certification. Not all, sadly, qualify. To spot a fake diamond stud earring, take advantage of the methods described above.