The Pink Ladies Costume

The Pink Ladies Costume is the attire that a group of women wore in the movie named Grease. In fact, two movies with the same name and story were made in yesteryears that were blockbusters. The name of both these movies is Grease the first film named grease was made in 1971 and its sequel was released in 1978. The film was a great hit over the box office and well as the critic ranking. The film was nominated for a number of awards and won plenty of them. by the end of 1978 Grease was the highest-grossing film of all time. The film at that time was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry of America by none other than the Library of Congress as being historically, aesthetically, and culturally significant.

Grease is a musical comedy love story of a local boy named Danny and a lady vacationing, she meets Danny and they both fall in love. In the movie the character of Danny is played by the heartthrob of millions known as John Travolta and the role of his girlfriend Sandy is played by Olivia Newton-John. In The blockbuster movie, Danny is the leader of a gang of boys called T- Birds and on the other hand Olivia is a friend of the leader of a gang of girls called The Pink ladies.

Members of T-Birds
The members of T-Birds include:-

• Barry Pearl played the role of Doody, a member of the T-Birds, who is a partner of Frenchy at the school dance
• Kelly Ward played the role of Putzie, who is a member of the T-Birds gang. His relationship with Jan develops over the course of the film.
• Michael Gucci played the role of Sonny LaTierri, who wants to be a womanizer but always ends up creating more trouble for his gang. He is a T-Bird, who tries to come close to Marty with little success over the course of the film
• Jeff Conaway played the role of Kenickie who is Danny’s best friend and Rizzo’s boyfriend. He is the owner of Greased Lightnin’

Member of The Gang Of Girls Called The Pink Ladies

• Stockard Channing is playing the role of Betty Rizzo, she is Kenickie’s girlfriend and the cynical leader of the Pink Ladies.
• Didi Conn played the role of Frenchy who is Sandy’s closest friend in the Pink Ladies and an ambitious beautician.
• Jamie Donnelly played the role of Jan, an odd member of the Pink Ladies who loves to eat, especially sweets
• Dinah Manoff has played the role of Marty Maraschino, she is a member of the Pink Ladies who mostly attracts regularly draws the attention of older men, including Vince Fontaine.

In the movie, The Pink Ladies gathered a lot of attention from all the Hollywood film viewers. It was not only for the characters that they played in the movie and their acting skills but their costumes and attire also created a stir in the fashion industry of that time. Just like the T-Birds wear the jackets to show themselves as members of the same gang, the gang of girls called The Pink Ladies also wear a pink-colored jacket that is made of a rose pink colored satin or silk material. In the movie each lady that joins the group of Pink Ladies has to wear a pink lady jacket to get recognized. Different apparel industries manufacture the Pink Lady jackets in different styles but still, the ever-increasing demand for the pink jacket does not decrease. The apparel companies make the Pink Ladies jacket in different types of materials including fleece and satin. The jackets are manufactured for young girls as well as women of all ages. The jacket has a zipper closure and full-length sleeves. It is skillfully designed with a shirt-style collar. The smart-looking piece of a women’s wardrobe is a must-have for young teenage girls. At the back of the jacket are printed the words Pink Ladies. There are many companies that design the same pink lady jackets but they make them in the combination of two colors of pink and black.