Top 10 Beauty Blog You Should Know

Are you a makeup junkie? Do you want to know more about makeup and beauty? Then you have come to the right place. Everyone wants to feel their better selves everyday therefore the most valuable website for netizens is beauty blogs. From where you can get the knowledge of everything about picking the right shade for your dress, the best DIY face mask you can make at home or best treatment when you visit the beauty parlor near me.

Fortunately, there are plenty of beauty bloggers out there who are there to help us out. These beauty bloggers are giving the best advice in their blog due to the experience of having hundreds by trial and failure. With growing interest and love for makeup and beauty, now beauty blogs are taking their space in beauty junkies heart. So, you want to know about some of the best beauty bloggers in India who write about fashion and beauty. Then keep reading this post.

  1. The Indian beauty blog: best Indian beauty bloggers

If you are someone who loves to know more about grandma’s beauty tips, DIY, as well as other life hacks that you love then this blog is for you. From makeup to skincare, desi beauty tips, products reviews and almost everything that you need. Makeup tutorials and recommendations are well created by keeping different skin tones in mind. They have a section of fashion in which they represent Indian basic desi styles to wear with ease.

2. Sherry Shroff

Sherry Shroff is one of the best known youtuber beauty bloggers. Women who like quirky styles and don’t favour overtly feminie style to her channel as she has a unique personality and her style resonates with it. She posted weekly videos which are full of humour and information. You will see various aspects of beauty by watching her videos. She has content right from basic skincare hacks to advanced tutorials for hair, skin and makeup.

3. Gia says that

Gia says that it is the blog of Gia Kashyap which is very popular. However, she is more popular for her fashion talks and amazing ideas. But she also talks about beauty, skincare and makeup to guide her audience. If you are looking for rimless, classic looks then this blog is for you. She also keeps eyes on quality oriented makeup products and regularly informs her valuable reviews to the readers. She also features special preparation and tutorials for the festive or wedding season.

4. Peaches and blush 

If you are looking for the right information for the wedding, then this blog is the right pick for you. Peaches and blushes is one place for wedding enthusiasts. Their bridal section is well known among beauty enthusiasts because this blog covers every possible wedding and bridal look. This is for someone who is looking for typical traditional wedding looks. Not only this, their bridal section is filled with info about bridal shopping, vendors and makeup.

5. Corallista

Corallista is founded by Ankita who has been blogging since 2011. Now she also has her Instagram account and YouTube channel. If your style is feminine then this blog is for you. She covers makeup and beauty extensively. Right from featuring makeup and skincare products, skincare regime, review of color cosmetics, test to skincare routine she has everything. She is such a great makeup artist and her makeup tutorials are the best tutorials out there. She also writes about food and travel.

6. Deepica mutyala’s blog

Deepica mutyala is the owner of this blog and well known as a beauty blogger. If you want to learn about some amazing makeup and skincare tips then blog is for you. One of her videos got viral in which she used red lipstick to cover her dark circles. She gets featured in the Today show and Dr Oz Show. Her video quality is outstanding which gives perfect blogs that makes understanding makeup application techniques seen just like a piece of cake.

7. Wise she

Anamika is founder of Wiseshe and she has been running this blog since 2010. She also launched her makeup brand with the name of wiseshe as she wanted to become an entrepreneur since then. She has got 5 popular domains and has emerged as the most known website in India for women. You can find articles on baby care, makeup, Skincare, fitness and fashion tips. 

8. Dendiva: My beauty Junction

Dendiva is the owner of the blog My Beauty Junction in which they have wonderful makeup tutorials. In this blog, you will find a detailed tutorial and tips about makeup that will help to achieve the best makeup you wish for. They have created everything perfectly from contouring to perfect cat eye eyeliner. You will develop a deep understanding of skin tones and which makeup will match you the best.

9. Indian makeup and beauty blog for women

This blog is the most popular blog in India. IMBB helps to give the right understanding of makeup and fashion. They have a wide variety of skincare routines, products and tips. Right from DIY ideas, plenty of product reviews to makeup and fashion guidance, you will find everything here. 

10. Be beautilicious

Shalini Shrivastava is the owner of this blog and blogging since 2011. She is well known for her makeup tutorials and tips. She has a deep understanding of the right makeup for brown skin tone. Right from makeup, nail polish, beauty and skincare tips, she has curated everything very well. Her makeup sessions are the one which an brown indian skin tone wants as well as whitish skin tone.

Bottom line

These are the best Indian beauty blogs that you should check out in 2021. Hope you found this help and check them out. However, if you are looking for a beauty parlour near me to try and learn amazing beauty and makeup tips then nowadays a very popular thing is book my salon from home and visit there at a slot. This can be possible with an online salon booking app.