What is Traditional Pakistani Dress Called?

Anyone who has tasted Pakistani food probably understands a little about the vitality, color, beauty, and radiance of Pakistani culture.

This is hardly limited to his food, however. Pakistani dress is also a wonderful, artistic and beautiful tradition that has lasted for many years and is celebrated around the world.

This is why Clothing Brands makes it their mission to find only the best Pakistani clothes, making sure that traditional, formal, and informal clothes are available to those who want. want to wear it.

But of course, before you start dressing up in this magnificent culture, you can first respectfully learn about its history. In this way, we can not only celebrate Pakistani culture but also learn and be influenced by it.

 Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan in the Indian subcontinent and is the standard dress worn by all holders of the official office. Both men and women have variations on the theme, with women appreciating softer colors and deeper embroidery, with over 118 frequently used and loved designs. In addition, women often wear a scarf by the side. For men, kameez is usually worn with a collar while for women it is usually neckless and comes in many formal neck styles.

 Ghagra Choli

Ghagra Choli is worth mentioning here, thanks to how the updated version draws inspiration from the ancient and magnificent designs of the past. This gown is often worn by women with a Dupatta scarf, especially during traditional ceremonies or events. This includes a Stannapatta (chest band) and an antriya (pants) as well as a veil, called a utarrya. Choli also refers to the upper part revealing the belly of the woman wearing it.

Baluch Dress

The people of Balochistan are commonly known to wear thick and beautiful textured scarves, shawls, shawls, kalwars, and Shameez. Baloch Kameez is known to be long-sleeved and can look totally eye-catching in a formal space. Women were free to wear loose skirts in a variety of beautiful patterns and often blended fabrics, making a great counterpoint to traditional menswear.

 Churidaar Pajamas

Churidaar Pajamas are comfortable pants commonly worn in mainland India Pakistan, and for good reason. They’re relatively narrow but stretchy, with extra material on the cuffs for comfortable sitting. They are also beautiful and very comfortable to wear, making them a real favorite in traditional wear.

Traditional Sourcing

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