Worse Locations To Get A Tattoo For The First Time

Planning your first tattoo is fun, but it requires thought and thinking. The sky is the limit of design and location, and narrowing the options can be tricky. If you think the tattoo is permanent, it can be particularly overwhelming except for the painful removal procedure. You will have it for the rest of your life. Now is the time to consider all the tattoo positioning factors. Would you choose your back, inner wrists, thighs, feet, or something else? Following is a list of locations to never get a tattoo if it’s your first time.

Tattoo is an addiction for some people. Some people even cover their entire body with tattoos. Among the most popular tattoo styles of recent years are tattoos made on different parts of the body.


Experts do not recommend getting tattoos on your elbows. Because the elbows are constantly moving and in contact with a lot, it is very difficult to keep the ink in this area. On the other hand, the skin on the elbows is also extremely thick. This means that the area should be treated a lot, especially if you are going to make colorful tattoos. In this area, the artist will have to spend more time with needles, which will hurt. It’s also likely that your tattoo will disappear very quickly if you don’t moisten your elbows.

Back of the knees

The area behind your knees is a very sensitive area. There are many nerve endings in this area. This causes you to suffer a lot while getting a tattoo. You may feel much more uncomfortable with each movement of the needle. It will also take time for the tattoo to heal as it is a moving area.

Sides of the chest and rib cage

Especially in recent years, tattoos on the side of the chest and on the rib cage are very popular. These tattoos look absolutely amazing, but the pain rate is quite high. In fact, this region is the second area where the most pain is felt. On the other hand, it is much more difficult for women to tattoo these areas. If they are wearing bras, this will irritate the skin and may prolong the healing process of the tattoo.


Although the armpit area is not the most painful area when tattooing, it is one of the areas where we will feel the most pain, the tattoo you will make here will give you a very severe pain experience. Most tattoo artists give this warning to the person who will get it done before getting a tattoo here.


The famous tattoo artists and ankle tattoo designing experts suggest that in addition to sensitive skin and countless nerve endings, the shelf life of facial tattoos is only 2-3 years. If you decide to use a sunscreen on this part of your body, be sure to use sunscreen every day. Face is considered to be the worse place to get a tattoo.

Side of foot

When moving on the entire foot, tattoos become more problematic. Here the skin is much thicker, gradually making it more difficult for the ink to stick to the skin. To compensate for this, the tattoo artist may try to push the needle hard, which is not particularly good. In this case, too much ink on the skin may cause a rash.

Ankles and Shins

Our ankle bones and shin bones are located just under a thin layer of skin, and the tattooing on these areas will be quite severe. You may feel pain in the severity of the tattoo made on the rib cage.

Front and back of the ankles

The front and back of the ankle are extremely sensitive areas. On the other hand, as shoes or socks touch this area, the colors of the tattoos can be easily worn. In addition, this area is at the same level in terms of pain as tattooing on the chest.

Hand and fingers

Hand and fingers are very popular areas for tattoos. It should also be said that it looks very stylish. But how useful are the tattoos here for you? Experts do not recommend tattooing hands and fingers. Because these are open areas and therefore sun-exposed areas. It is known that the sun fades the color of the tattoos. In other words, the regions built in this region are extremely useless.


Obviously, you can find and get a tattoo anywhere and you want and can touch any ink that starts to fade, but when it comes to ink that will always look great, some places are better than others. It may be helpful to follow these tips and ask your tattooist for more advice on choosing the best location.