Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends For 2021


The mobile apps industry is a growing business opportunity. Be it small or big business. Mobile app development is in high demand. Many app development companies and startups have hit their limit. They are designing creative mobile apps. No one would hold the appeal of touching the ‘install now’ switch. However, it’s not sufficient to simply build and launch an app. As this only will not give a boost to business. A couple of leading brands have shared their mobile app success stories. They have emphasized a few points. Firstly, you should have a definite strategy before launching an app. For instance, on how to drive traffic, app downloads, and long-term customer engagement.

Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

The world now has some experience in adapting to the “new normal” thing. Additionally, mobile app development company are getting better traffic. In the future, a  switch to remote work is expected. That’s why the industry of app development will rise in challenging times. Firstly, the businesses will expand at a larger scale. It is safe to say that we should assume similar trends in increasing revenue for enterprise mobile applications too. Now let’s check out the trend:


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future for digital businesses. It provides robust and technical capabilities. And benefits businesses to give a customized customer experience. For instance, for businesses that prefer chatbots. AI offers 24*7 real-time interactions with consumers. Based on the research of consumer data. Machine Learning algorithms can contribute a suitable resolution quickly. Moreover, for face, voice identification. AI is a crucial component of protection purposes. The global AI & ML market is predicted to grow further in the coming years. And, is one of the reasons why it is going to be a powerful thing for app development.


  1. Shifting to the Cloud base

There is a major challenge for any mobile app developer. And it lies in creating a fully functional software solution. The solution will take as little power from the device as possible. When the customer downloads a mobile app it gets space. But on the other hand, the cloud-based method can resolve this. Cloud apps are a stable and economical option. Moreover, their usage is expected to increase in the upcoming years.


  1. Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) and Blockchain

Blockchain is also an impressive technology. In the case of cross-platform app development. It has shown potential in times. This is going to grow in the coming future. If your objective is better security. You should look for Blockchain. And also clarity by building shared databases. The entire idea of Blockchain is to gather information. In separate blocks and that are associated together.No changes could be applied to the database without being detected by the system.

Why is Blockchain recommended for cross-platform mobile apps?


As Blockchain offers trust. It doesn’t have a single main center for the information. But it has various sources. It supports developing decentralized apps that operate on smart arrangements. This system also enables mobile app developers to build mobile apps quickly. With the use of prepared resources to the project. Hence, eliminating mobile app rework.


  1. Beacons

Beacon is not a transformed technology. However, in the coming years, it is expected to show more. Beacon can help enterprises improve interaction with users. Moreover, it is an excellent method to acquire further information. Like, on customer behavior and form outcomes on giving a customized user experience. Beacons are used for the retail industry. It also allows apps to welcome their guests while visiting shops. And helping them leads to the outlet. Beacons help in improving consumer engagement. Hence it became popular. The Beacon technology is also proven to boost revenue for companies.


  1. IoT plug-in applications

The apps enable checking a system is a necessity of interconnected devices. And it is obvious across advanced companies, with numerous intelligent devices. Because of this, IoT-powered apps can be seen as an advanced thing.


  1. 5G

In the case of creating enterprise mobile app development. A broader selection of 5G should also be viewed as an influential factor. We have now observed the beginning of this technology and its skills. When it develops at a universal level. The apps will be more influential than before. Just as the pace of the Internet, its reach will grow. The mobile app developers will have a chance to recognize the concepts. AI & ML, IoT, Cloud computing, and mobile apps will grow at a different level. Moreover with the abilities of the 5G network.

Speaking of the way enterprise mobile app development will need. We can focus on the following:


  • Apps that are easy to manage: Paying too much time for training employees. Like, how to manage corporate software is not required anymore. The company CFO, CTO, and Manager might work on the same app. So it must be suitable for both to understand the tasks.


  • Software customization: Customised actions are now a pattern in external mobile apps.


  • Using smartphone devices to the extent possible: It has become a trend for companies. They utilize the highest capacities of mobile phones. Therefore, smart apps must be equipped to give important information. Like from mobile phones, improve battery life, and assure confidentiality.


  • On-demand mobile applications: Covid-19 restriction has advanced the trend to the peak level. Companies couldn’t sustain without the capability to deliver products straight to consumers. And in return receives indirect payments. Developing an on-demand application is an excellent answer for disaster control.


  • Corporate data safety: The advanced applications must give a centralized level of safety for all devices. And should also assure that the private information of employees and corporate data remains protected. However, the limitations continue to rise. And protection is as powerful as ever.
Points to Watch: Enterprise Mobile App Development

Since businesses are looking to have a mobile app solution. With the best solution, one can build an app that will suit the company’s requirements. Sharing some of the points to watch in case of enterprise mobile app development:

  1. Automatic development.
  2. Instantaneous updates.
  3. Uniform combination with enterprise’s business operations.
  4. Safety & Protection at the device level.
  5. Management of Mobile App.

Hopefully, now you should understand how essential it is to have a mobile app. As long as one picks the best solution to assist you in developing the mobile app.


With the use of more smartphone devices than human beings on the planet earth. Just think how considerably the amount of mobile applications surpasses the number of smartphones in people’s hands. Just check, how many mobile applications do you currently have on your phone? We download and use different mobile apps for different solutions. Mobile apps also help businesses to communicate. Maybe with customers, co-workers, or employees anytime, anywhere. Modern companies can not bear the excess of undervaluing the app development strategy. It can also help the business to stay organized. And most importantly, help the business become more recognizable.

We’ll be talking more about mobile app development in our upcoming blogs. So, Keep Following! You can also consult us for any kind of app development service.

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